Tom Tancredo Drops Out of Race and Endorses Mitt Romney

In what was a move that I figured would have happened after Iowa, Representative Tom Tancredo has dropped out of the race for President and endorsed Former Governor Mitt Romney, which came as somewhat of a surprise to me – I figured probably Duncan Hunter, or maybe Ron Paul.  About Duncan Hunter (who I met tonight and will hopefully post pictures of tomorrow), Tancredo said, “Duncan Hunter is a great guy.  Duncan Hunter doesn’t have a chance.  I have better numbers than Duncan.  One of the reasons I’m endorsing Romney is he can go the distance.”  He’s got a point.  I love Hunter and Tancredo, but I have to support somebody who can win (and Tancredo would do terrible in a debate where it’s only 2 people [3 if you think that Bloomberg will run and be The Ghost of Ross Perot]).

About Romney, Tancredo issued the statement, “He was governor of a liberal state but opposed drivers licenses for illegal immigrants and instate tuition for illegal immigrants at a time when they weren’t issues on the national scene.”  I do agree with his endorsement overall (of course, I am supporting Romney), but I would have been just as proud of Tancredo if he’d have supported Paul – a fighter for the Constitution and against illegal immigration.

I have always liked Tom Tancredo – especially his stances on illegal immigration.  I don’t think President was the right area for him to go, and I really wish that he would’ve stayed in Congress.  Hopefully he’ll move on to some other public office.

Mr. Tancredo, I wish you the very best in life.

You are truly a great American icon.  God bless you!

Done Rambling,

Ranting Republican
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