Low-Income Housing in New Orleans to Be Demolished

I found out about this story here: http://www.nytimes.com/2007/12/14/us/nationalspecial/14orleans.html.

The plan is to demolish some of the low-income housing units in New Orleans that were damaged by Hurricane Katrina and replace them with either higher-class units as well as some low-income units.  Some of the buildings had been scheduled to be demolished before the storm hit.

Many protesters are saying that this is just the federal government’s way of kicking poor people to the curb.  Threats of arson and violence have even been made by some protesters.  James Bernazzani, special agent in charge of the F.B.I. office in New Orleans, said that the New Orleans’ domestic terrorism unit was investigating the source of posters that said,“For Every Public Housing Unit Destroyed a Condo Unit Will Be Destroyed.”

Here’s what I think:

  • These damaged buildings should be destroyed.
  • They should NOT be rebuilt at all.  As an amateur meteorologist and somebody pursing a degree in meteorology, I will be one of the first to tell you that ANY city built below sea level near the coast is a stupid idea.  The damaged buildings should be destroyed and we should slowly have people move out of New Orleans.  We were fortunate enough to have this long of a period without a disaster in New Orleans, but I doubt that our fortune will be that lucky in the future.  The government should not keep wasting money rebuilding a city that just doesn’t make sense.  I say that FEMA helps out the people who need it, give them some money that they need and give them a chance to either leave or stay.  But if they stay, I think they should be on their own next time – they know what can happen, so they need to live with the consequences of their decisions.
  • These protesters aren’t helping – how is it that these people think that they’ll get respect when they put up posters saying that they’ll burn down other buildings if these are destroyed.  It’s terrorism and these people need to be arrested and put in prison.

We need to learn from New Orleans – FEMA messed up, but you also can’t expect to live below sea level and survive a hurricane, so I suggest to people that they leave now before it happens again, and next time, it could be worse.

Done Ranting,

Ranting Republican
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4 Responses to “Low-Income Housing in New Orleans to Be Demolished”

  1. Bycha Buxton Says:

    I agree that it is poor judgment to build a city that poses a risk to its inhabitants; but we can’t live in fear of “mother nature” I’m from Oakland, CA earthquake country (I lived on the San Andreas Fault for 35 Years). I agree that FEMA made the disaster worse for many by inadequate preparation and slow response. I agree that something should be done about the “New Orleans” situation. How ever I do not agree with your suggestion of removal of its inhabitants. I also do not agree with method of the local, state and federal officials remedy for the housing projects in N.O. There is no easy solution; and as a former Commercial Real Estate broker who has developed in areas the were deemed “redevelopment zones” the process is painful for all sides. But this is a systematic removal of a “people” who have contributed to the cultural fabric of that great city.

    A former New Orleans resident and a card carrying Republican,

    Bycha Buxton

  2. inkslwc Says:

    So then how many times do we rebuild the city? If it happens again, do we spend billions of dollars rebuilding? What about a third time?

  3. Violence Erupts in New Orleans Over Housing « Republican Ranting Says:

    […] I first brought you the story of the demolition of low-income housing in New Orleans in this post: https://inkslwc.wordpress.com/2007/12/14/low-income-housing-in-new-orleans-to-be-demolished/.  Now I come to you with an update (quotes and pictures from CNN: […]

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