Over Half of U.S. Hispanics Fear Deportation

I find this one just shocking: 

PHOENIX (Reuters) – The intense debate over illegal immigration has made life more difficult for U.S. Hispanics, the fastest-growing minority in the country, with many fearing deportation and having difficulty finding work and housing, study found.

The report by the Pew Hispanic Center released on Thursday found that just over half of all Hispanic adults in the United States worry that they, a family member or a close friend could be deported.

Read the rest here: http://www.reuters.com/article/domesticNews/idUSN1322625620071213.

So if over half of all Hispanic adults in the US fear that a family member or close friend could be deported, this means that OVER HALF OF THE HISPANICS LIVING IN THE U.S. KNOW AN ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT!  This is ridiculous.  As of now, Hispanics make up over 13% of the people living in America – I know that this survey was only of adults, but let’s just assume (in order to make this easier on me – if you want, go find the make-up of adults).  So that means that in 7 out of every 100 people know an illegal immigrant.  The fact that AT LEAST 7% of Americans know an illegal immigrant and fear that he/she will be deported is RIDICULOUS.

We have to end this invasion – that’s what it is – it’s an invasion!  And I’m not being racist – my great-grandfather came to the U.S. from Mexico and I am PROUD of my heritage.  But when you have a mass group of people coming into a country and using its resources without paying taxes back that is an INVASION plain and simple!  I invented this phrase when Senator Durbin introduced his bill to allow illegal immigrants to join our military as a path to becoming citizens (Response to Durbin’s Amnesty Bill): “Send them back, not to Iraq!”

Done Ranting,

Ranting Republican
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6 Responses to “Over Half of U.S. Hispanics Fear Deportation”

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