Romney and His Response to Huckabee asking, “Don’t Mormons believe that Jesus and the devil are brothers?”

OK, I had heard a lot about this before and after today’s debate (for my analysis on that, see here:, so I found a source.  This is an excerpt from the Associated Press (Romney: Attacks on Religion Go Too Far):

But Huckabee’s campaign did not provide more information about the exchange, which the magazine reported this way in the article by Zev Chafets: “I asked Huckabee, who describes himself as the only Republican candidate with a degree in theology, if he considered Mormonism a cult or a religion. ‘I think it’s a religion,’ he said. ‘I really don’t know much about it.’

“I was about to jot down this piece of boilerplate when Huckabee surprised me with a question of his own: ‘Don’t Mormons,’ he asked in an innocent voice, ‘believe that Jesus and the devil are brothers?'”

Here are my thoughts – Huckabee was just asking a question.  Even I thought this was true – I had to do about 10 minutes of looking through stuff to find a Mormon opinion on this (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints website doesn’t have a search button, and I simply don’t have time to read through ALL of their doctrinal statements).  So I found a Mormon blog who explained it as Jesus and Satan are spirit-brothers, but in a sense we all are.

Romney refused to answer Huckabee’s question, saying that the LDS Church has already answered questions on this, which I thought was a VERY poor move on his part, and it made him look like he was avoiding the issue.

 I think that Huckabee was simply asking a question, and I do not like that Romney is trying to use this for his political gain – I think it was tacky and I think he was using religion on his side, something that he himself has indicated that he didn’t want to happen in this campaign.

This being said, I still support Romney as the candidate that I will vote for (which is the first time I’ve endorsed him on this blog), but I would also be perefectly happy with Huckabee as the GOP nominee; I only feel that Romney holds to more of the values that are “weighted” higher when I decide candidates as well as the fact that I think Romney would do better in a general election (although I think a Romney/Huckabee campaign would be the best scenario at this point and would perform quite well in my mind).

Done Ranting,

Ranting Republican
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