December 9th Republican Debate Discusses Illegal Immigration

Unfortunately I was unable to watch tonight’s Univision (Spanish-language TV network) debate for the Republicans (Ron Paul, Rudy Giuliani, Mike Huckabee, Mitt Romney, John McCain, Duncan Hunter, and Fred Thompson [Tom Tancredo boycotted]), but I heard that they discussed illegal immigration quite a bit (I wonder why!).

Here are my thoughts (and I’m going to try to get a copy of the debate somehow, but no promises): So far from what I’ve seen in the media, most candidates tried to be strong against illegal immigration while not being to offensive to the Hispanics, mainly by toning down their comments (and even perhaps altering their views/the way they worded them slightly).  Here’s what I don’t get: Wouldn’t the legal immigrants be angry at the illegals for all the trouble that they cause America?  They are the ones that get the stereotypes made, so I’d think that the legal immigrants would WANT the illegals sent home, showing that they (the legals) support our laws.  Second, who cares if a candidate offends an illegal immigrant – they’re not voting!  (or at least shouldn’t be, unless they’re a dead person in Detroit, and in that case, the NAACP will say that “all African Americans have the right to vote (even if they’re dead and somebody else is casting a bogus ballot for them)” – but that’s off topic).

Point is, from what I’ve seen, I’m a little disappointed that candidates didn’t stand up more against illegal immigration.  I’m going to stand with Tom Tancredo – why was this debate necessary?  If these Hispanics are going to vote using an English ballot (and I’ll NEVER advocate the use of a ballot in ANY other language!), they should listen to an English debate.

Done Ranting,

Ranting Republican


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One Response to “December 9th Republican Debate Discusses Illegal Immigration”

  1. Nick Says:

    I’ve got TWO thoughts after these debates… 1) the format is worthless. 2) The Republican field looks better and better as the Dems look worse and worse.


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