Proof that Gun Regulations Must be Tighter: David Brockdorff and Gail Pumphrey

This is just sad.  For the whole story, read here:,0,4987959.story?coll=bal-investing-headlines, but I’ll give a brief overview.

In Maryland, David P. Brockdorff, 40, used his .22-caliber rifle to kill Howard County flight attendant Gail L. Pumphrey, 43, and their three children, David, 12, Megan, 10, and Brandon, 7, before turning the gun on himself on Thanksgiving.

Gail had had a protective order placed on her after her ex-husband had abused her and had filed with the Frederick County courts TWICE for the rifle to be taken from him, the problem is, the law doesn’t require long-barreled guns to be taken, only handguns.  Anyway, the two Frederick County court orders, the first read into the record on May 3, 2007 and signed by Circuit Judge John H. Tisdale, and another signed Aug. 8, 2005, by District Judge Oliver John Cejka Jr. and renewed on appeal by Circuit Judge Julie S. Solt later in 2005, did not require Brockdorff to turn over the rifle.

Tisdale had said at the May 3rd hearing that both parents were immature and not looking out for the best interest of the children.  He advised Gail not even to get out of the car when dropping the kids off, so that an argument wouldn’t fight, and sometimes she even had her sister drop the kids off.  But on Thanksgiving, she ignored the judge’s advice and got out of the car; David then shot the 4 and then himself at a Montgomery County park.

My thoughts: You have the right to own a gun (with some restrictions – no citizen needs an automatic – sorry, you just don’t); HOWEVER, when you have ABUSED and HARASSED somebody (or committed any violent crime, used drugs, or driven drunk), you should lose that right – you are either known to be violent and/or irresponsible – and need to lose that privilege.  (For my further views on guns, read my post here:

This is a sad case, and the law needs to be changed because of it, and judges need to remember it and take away guns when there’s even a CHANCE that somebody is going to get hurt or killed because some maniac can’t act like a grown-up!

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7 Responses to “Proof that Gun Regulations Must be Tighter: David Brockdorff and Gail Pumphrey”

  1. Libertarian Girl Says:

    I agree, the maniac shouldn’t have had guns. But that opens the door for an angry wife/girlfriend to claim that someone is harassing them and have their guns taken away from a perfectly sane person out of spite.

    What was actually needed is the woman needed a handgun with her at all times to protect her from the jerk she got involved with, rather than relying on the government to protect her from the abuser. The government simply will not be there for you at times like this.

  2. inkslwc Says:

    I agree – and here’s the issue. We have to find a way for a person to report it legitimately. Although, I feel that at the point that it was an abusive relationship, the man shouldn’t have a gun.

    I also agree – if I were the woman, I’d have had a handgun (when I turn 21!)

  3. My Reflections on the Omaha Mall Shooting and the Shooter (Robert Hawkins) « Republican Ranting Says:

    […] on guns or…).  If it was an SKS semi-automatic, I think the father had a legitimate right to own the gun.  […]

  4. arabella Says:

    No Comment

  5. Diane Says:

    I am a family member of the victims in the case. I totally agree with you that the monster should not have had his rifle. He was abusive to her in everyway that he could have been and I was with Gail when she requested that they take his rifle. She showed them a picture of it and told them that she feared for her life. Her pleas were ignored. Laws do need to be changed. We, her family are dedicated to fighting the system and having new laws implemented. Thank you for your blog. It’s nice to know that there are others who feel the same way that we do. The loss has been devastating for our family and we hope to make changes so that other families do not have to endure the same pain we are going through.

  6. victoria Says:

    i went to school with Megan and we were close. this was such a tragic loss.

  7. jack Says:

    hey i knew one of the sons and yes i feel sad about this but that doesn’t mean we should punish others who own guns for somthing they didn’t do.

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