DNC Has Stripped Michigan of Its Delegates

Well, it’s official, Michigan has lost its delegates for the Democratic National Convention.  The vote occurred earlier today, but Michigan Democratic Chairman Mark Brewer thinks that the nominee will insist that the delegates be seated (I’m guessing he thinks that’ll be Clinton, since she’s the only major candidate on the ballot).  John Edwards, Barack Obama, Bill Richardson, and Joe Biden have withdrawn their names from the ballot, leaving Hillary Clinton, Dennis  Kucinich, Chris Dodd, and Mike Gravel on the ballot. 

Mark brewer told the DNC rules panel that he thinks that “it is unconscionable that we continue to grant special treatment to some states in this process.”

Alexis Herman, co-chair of the DNC rules panel, and Yvonne Gates of Nevada defended the decision as many panel members said they sympathized with Michigan but felt that they had to uphold the rules (and frankly, I’m going to agree here – the Michigan Dems FORCED the Reps into an early primary because MIGOP can’t afford their own primary, so it would’ve been a caucus).

On the other hand, former DNC Chairman Don Fowler and Senator Carl Levin insist that the delegates will be seated and that “it will be plain for all to see that the privileged position that New Hampshire and Iowa have extracted through threats and pledges from candidates is on its last legs.” (Levin)

I think it’s stupid – and the controlling Michigan Dems need to get a life and live with it – not everybody can be first so shut up and live with it – same to any Republicans out there – sure, it’d be nice to be first, but we haven’t ever been in the past, so just deal with it people!

Done Ranting,

Ranting Republican


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3 Responses to “DNC Has Stripped Michigan of Its Delegates”

  1. 2008 Presidential Election » DNC Has Stripped Michigan of Its Delegates Says:

    […] Republican Ranting added an interesting post today on DNC Has Stripped Michigan of Its DelegatesHere’s a small reading […]

  2. RJII Says:

    Don’t break the rules next time. 48 states abided by them, otherwise it will be mayhem 2012. It’s unfair to count votes when candidates and voters weren’t given fair opportunities. MI and FL elections, in this regard, were frauds.

  3. inkslwc Says:

    I absolutely agree. The fact that Dean (until today when the 1/2 delegate deal was made – which I’ll do a post on later) stood up to MI and FL is pretty much the only reason I have him in my list of political icons. I hate his politics, but I think he has a great firey personality and he was a great DNC leader. The fact that he’s somewhat caved in means that he’s just another liberal.

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