BREAKING: Man at Clinton’s New Hampshire Office Claims to Have a Bomb

I’m scrambling to find a story, but this just broke via MSNBC e-mail alert.

 UPDATE (1:54 P.M.): I have just learned that this IS a hostage situation – police have been on scene for a little less than an hour, but it is unclear how many people are being held hostage.  Clinton is NOT in New Hampshire though.

 UPDATE (4:21 P.M.): As of what I heard around 3:30, 2 hostages have been released.  I’m now watching the news live as an friend of the hostage taker is talking now.

 UPDATE: (4:30 P.M.): A press conference will be held any moment now – I’ll keep you updated.

UPDATE: (4:39 P.M.): The man is very critical of all politicians supposedly and doesn’t associate with any party.  The press conference is being broadcast live now.

UPDATE: (4:45 P.M.): “This is a hostage situation.”  Cannot confirm flares.  Cannot confirm name.  No reported injuries.  Perimiter is 4 or 5 blocks.  54 officers.

UPDATE: (6:25 P.M.): I went down for dinner and just got back and learned that he released the remaining hostages and surrendered.

It’s a good thing this is over.


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