Central Michigan: Nooses Found in Engineering and Technology Building at CMU, Suspect Turned Himself In

Well – I had been waiting to write about this until something developed, and I had given up that any more developments were going to come, so I went to get the news article and found out that the guy turned himself in.  So, now I can write…

On Monday of last week (November 12th), nooses were found in Room 228 of the Engineering and Technology Building at Central Michigan University.  A few protests happened, and now the guy (or one of them) turned himself in to CMU Police.  Police Chief Stan Dinius plans to forward the case on to Isabella County Prossecutor Larry Burdick.

Let’s get this guy for as much as we can – stuff like this is stupid and immature, and this guy needs to be made an example to all the rest of the racist pigs like him.  Give him the maximum, and maybe stuff like this won’t happen again.

Done Ranting,

Ranting Republican


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9 Responses to “Central Michigan: Nooses Found in Engineering and Technology Building at CMU, Suspect Turned Himself In”

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  2. Rob Moroni Says:

    1. How do you know the guy is a ‘racist pig’? He may even be BLACK….after all, the guy who was arrested for hanging a noose around the neck of Tupac’s statue was black (Check out the story….GOOGLE it).

    2. With threats of “getting him with as much as you can” it sounds like you are conspiring to commit HATE CRIMES against HIM as well as ENTICE RIOTS….both which are illegal in Michigan.

    Just a couple more things for you to chew while you rant.

  3. inkslwc Says:

    Did you read what I said after that? I said in the context of prosecuting him.

  4. Rob Moroni Says:

    Actually, no, I did not “read what you said” after that…..why did you write something “after that”…..perhaps a retraction? Why did you write “what you said” in the first place, then take it back ‘after that”? Do you have anything else you might want to say AFTER you said something else?

    If there’s anything you may want to consider addressing, please confirm that the elements of “force and threat” were missing elements of the crime as stipulated in United States Code, Title 18, Part 1, Chapter 13, § 245(a).

    Also, explain any defense to United States Code, Title 18, Part 1, Chapter 13, § 245 the group of black people may have when they forced me, a white person, with fear and intimidation to not walk on a public sidewalk while they were in full force marching AGAINST WHITES and chanting negative comments AGAINST WHITES which were hateful comments about white people by the organized BLACK marchers. I felt victimized, uneasy, and unsafe by their actions and so did many other white people who were forced to go out of their and take another route —- other than the PUBLIC passage (sidewalk) that surrounds the Department of Justice building in Washington D.C.. Many white people like myself remain fearful of our safety and our lifes by such public demonstrations perpetuated by black people – they obviously have an ongoing hatred against white people by continuing their demonstrations. Under what part of the above Federal Code to Black people feel they are exempt?

  5. inkslwc Says:

    I wrote that in the next sentence, not retracting it, just to clarify.

    A noose is a “threat of force” (section and that was in (b) by the way).

    Also – blacks were threatening you – they deserve the EXACT same punishment! Nobody is above the law, and when blacks go out and protest against whites because ONE stupid white does something racist, I get angry too. Trust me – I’m not defending these people at all, and they need to be punished.

    We just need to start punishing people for crimes committed. If prosecutors would crack down, we wouldn’t have people running around thinking it doesn’t matter if they don’t get caught.

  6. chetlyzarko Says:

    A noose can be a threat of force. It could also be a tool. The prosecutor would have to prove some degree of intent here (intent can be proven through context of behavior – reading minds is not necessary) – I don’t think a noose is logically de facto always a “threat of force”. These “nooses” were not traditional nooses (they were bound rubber hoses from a chemistry lab) – not accompanied with a tree branch, a cross, or other symbol of lynching – and the story happened precisely in the traditional social timeframe of Halloween decorations.

    I think the fact that the guy turned himself in is the most revealing fact of all. If his motivation were racist and he understood the implications of the nooses as they were later interpreted, I doubt he’d have turned himself in. While not always a sign of innocence, turning oneself in is at least an indicator toward lack of mal-intent. It’s also worthy of some forgiveness.

    That’s not to say the action was condemnable and offensive, but let’s be careful before we throw the book at anyone.

  7. mann2 Says:

    Before he turned himself in an anonymous letter was sent to the editor explaining his actions. The nooses were hung around the time of Halloween and in a classroom signifying that the students would rather hang themselves rather than work on the project they had been assigned to do. Unfortunately the person who hung them had stated they had not heard about the jenna incident prior to hanging them. First off everyone needs to settle down and stop screaming HATE CRIME HATE CRIME and find out the facts. If this student did have racist intentions when he hung the nooses then he should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law, however if he hung the nooses at a very poorly chosen time but with intent to be funny and not racist the people yelling for this person’s blood should take it a little easier. On a personal note I do think it shows how our society has become so pc it has everyone seeing everything as a hate crime. If you want to read the letter sent to the cm-life newspaper follow this link.


  8. inkslwc Says:

    I already made a blog post about his letter as well. And intent is no part of prosecuting this case – if someone was intimidated by it, the kid can legally be prosecuted under federal law.

  9. Noose Student at Central Michigan University Will Not Be Charged With Ethnic Intimidation « Republican Ranting Says:

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