U.S. Coast Guard: Masters of the Obvious: San Francisco Oil Spill

I’m sure all of you have now heard about the Cosco Busan scraping it’s side against the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco Bay.  Today the Coast Guard released a statement saying that there were “probably some human error factors, but we need to determine the facts, because there’s no reason a ship like that should have collided with the bridge.”

REALLY NOW!  HOLY CRAP!  And the genius of the day award goes to….

Did we really need you to come out and say that a BOAT crashing into a BRIDGE was due to human error?  Every boating accident I’ve been involved in (all of them minor) have been because of human error (or just plain stupidity).

Anyway – this needs to be cleaned up, and we need to make sure that stuff like this doesn’t happen – I’m not a huge environmentalist, but we DO need to be protecting the environment!

Done Ranting,

Ranting Republican


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