The Fix for Michigan’s Budget Crisis: 6.5% Sales Tax

Today I was at the Griffin Endowed Forum at Central Michigan, and they had Senate Majority Leader Mike Bishop (R-12), Senate Minority Leader Mark Schauer (D-19), Speaker of the House Andy Dillon (D-17), and House Minority Leader Craig DeRoche (R-38).  The theme was economics in Michigan (although we did move on to term limits and a couple of other topics), so the topic of the recent service tax came up, and whether it should be repealed.

Bishop said that he suggests that if we can’t (and we won’t) get spending cuts, then raise the sales tax by .5% and get rid of the services tax.  He wants this to get on the January 15th ballot, but Dillon and Schauer don’t want it to get on then, because of the low turnout due to the fact that the Big 3 Dem. candidates (CENTRAL MICHIGAN TOUCHDOWN!!!!! – WE’VE GOT THE GAME NOW!) are boycotting our early primary.

I like this plan – because it also makes the illegal immigrants pay taxes, whereas with income tax raises, they don’t (of course, they would have to pay on the services tax as well, but this would make MUCH more revenue, without such a burden).

Hopefully this will pass the Senate and House, and then the voters NEED to approve this.

Done Ranting,

Ranting Republican

Central Michigan game update – got REALLY scary at the end, with all the laterals, but then we got it – CENTRAL WINS! (and I’ve just lost all my Western Michigan readers).


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2 Responses to “The Fix for Michigan’s Budget Crisis: 6.5% Sales Tax”

  1. Kevin Says:

    Gary Peters sucks. He needs to quit.

  2. inkslwc Says:

    Just a response to Kevin – if this winds up going somewhere it shouldn’t, and the people I’m talking to know what I mean, I’ll delete comments.

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