Ron Paul Girl (Liv ?????): My Libertarian Female Twin

Alright, well, I’m pretty sure that most of you have heard of “Ron Paul Girl” whose real first name is Liv.  (I don’t know her last name).  Here’s her site:

Now, although I disagree with Ron Paul on a decent amount of issues, I’ve gotta say, I love both his personality and Liv’s.

First, let’s address where me and Paul stand on the issues:

I agree with him on abortion, treatment toward minorities, prayer in schools, welfare, school vouchers, gun ownership, illegal immigration (especially here), campaign financing, environmental issues, and religious welfare money.

I disagree with him when it comes to drugs, the armed forces funding, Patriot Act, free trade, and the death penalty.

Iraq I still take Senator Hagel’s position on – get our troops to the border of Iraq, let the Iraqis deal with the civil wars/conflicts, and let us begin to withdraw.

Now – I absolutely LOVE Ron Paul’s blatantly bold personality – he’s not afraid to speak his mind, even when he knows it’s probably not in his best political interest (i.e.: not supporting the Republican nominee).  I also LOVE Liv’s pure politically incorrectness – it reminds me of myself. Here’s a couple of her videos, just to give you an idea of her personality (note, the first video – I do disagree that Romney sucks, since he’s my candidate, but I love her portrayal of Clinton, so it makes up for it):

Great Moments In U.S. HistoryMore amazing video clips are a click away

And here’s my favorite video of hers:

Bad Role ModelAwesome video clips here

And although I won’t support Ron Paul in the primary, thanks to Liv getting me to explore Ron Paul more, I feel more comfortable voting for him in the general election if he were to get the nomination (I would have anyway because he’s pro-life, and that’s my #1 issue, but this made me like Ron Paul a lot more as a politician).

So, although we may not agree on everything, Mr. Paul, Liv, keep up the great work, and because I enjoy your blog, you get a spot on my Blogroll.

Done Spouting Off Ron Paul Advertisement,

Ranting Republican


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9 Responses to “Ron Paul Girl (Liv ?????): My Libertarian Female Twin”

  1. Jason Wharton Says:

    If abortion is your #1 issue then it baffles me that you seem unaware that Ron Paul has done more for that issue than any other GOP candidate. And, on top of that, to think you trust Romney on that issue given his past flakiness about it seems preposterous.

    As for the drug situation. The War on Drugs has only created a highly incentivised profit opportunity for black-ops fund raising. If the War on Drugs were stopped it would be like locking the cookie jar and taking away the incentive-based pressure that targets our youth. The blowback of the War on Drugs is far more to our detriment in so many ways. If the incentive for crooks to profit was destroyed our children would not have such pressure around them to experiment and the only effective method to counter drugs, positive education, would have greater effect.

    Take some time and look at how beautifully Ron Paul’s positions fit into the big picture. Under his platform we as individuals get to take and be responsible for our own lives and that is a beautiful thing. I’d sure like to see government protecting my rights and property instead of regulating and taxing them. The prosperity of our nation is being destroyed so a return to peace, freedom and prosperity is absolutely welcomed.

    Romney will only take his skill and intelligence and more deeply entrench us in the wrong direction.

  2. inkslwc Says:

    I know Romney has flip-flopped on abortion, but I truly think he is pro-life. And when abortion is my #1 issue, I have to keep in mind winability. At this point, I don’t see Paul as winning (or Huckabee) – if I did, I’d probably vote for one of those.

    This is also the reason that I don’t vote for a religious right third party.

    This all being said, I would happily vote for Ron Paul if he were to get the nomination, and I would even consider voting for him in the primary if he began gaining steam.

  3. Terry Hamel Says:

    Voting is like speaking your mind, voicing your conscious. That is, if you want it to mean something.

    If a vote is just to “pick the winner”, then that vote is simply a reaction to the herd to avoid social friction. In that way, the analogy of people being like sheep is appropriate.

    The question each person must answer is if they are an active, thinking person or a drone, a collectivist, a “borg”.

    You can either vote for someone who changes their position as easily as the winds or you can vote for a man who has an impeccable track record – 30 years voted the same way, 50 years married the same way. Who would you want to represent you?

    Please think about it.

  4. Libertarian Girl Says:

    What don’t you agree with him about in regards to armed forces funding? He, if anything, would increase it. He has said that he thinks bases in America should not close, VA hospitals should be in more locations and even open 24 hours. He would make sure that veterans got adequate health care.

    He simply thinks drugs and the death penalty are not a federal issue authorized by the Constitution. End of story.

  5. inkslwc Says:

    I really don’t know specifics on his standings on armedforces funding.

    Death penalty, in my mind, for federal offences, is a federal issue. Drugs – I think are a safety issue and should be federal. Although, I was taking a “2008 Presidential Quiz” today, and he’s my 3rd match.

  6. Libertarian Girl Says:

    He would not cut armed forces funding, other than shutting down some of our bases located in 130 bases and bringing those troops back home to defend the border of the US. He opposes the closure of bases in the US.

    What is the death penalty used for for federal offenses (other than large-scaled drug dealing as put in by Clinton)? It’s mostly used for things that are already against the law in the states, such as murder. Ron Paul just thinks it’s not authorized by the Constitution beyond a few things (like treason) and should be left up to the states.

    Drugs are only a safety issue because they’re illegal– the people involved in selling them are drug kingpins and the like rather than honest businesspeople.

  7. Libertarian Girl Says:

    Correction: That should read “130 countries” above, not 130 bases.

  8. inkslwc Says:

    But what about a federal murder case? How do we give them the death penalty if it’s a federal case? And what about the District of Columbia whichi is under fedearl jurisdiction.

    (Is there not an edit button? I don’t see what you guys see, so let me know, and if one’s not showing up for you, I’ll see if I can somehow get it so that you can edit your own comments).

  9. Ron Paul Patriot Says:

    […] Ron Paul Girl (Liv ?????): My Libertarian Female Twin […]

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