Final Segment and Analysis of the October 30th Democratic Debate

And as of the end…

How to attract quality people to field of medicine: Dodd – decent general plan. Biden – good job showing that they’re broke – identify with college voters. Good addressing insurance companies – move up to 3rd. Edwards – good plans – I’ll keep you at 2nd – I don’t see anybody beating Dodd at this point. Clinton – you only addressed insurance too much and couldn’t get your full descriptions in. Obama – good addressing college costs – moved to 4th. Kucinich – didn’t address doctors – tried to go over because you didn’t get your plan out – this combined with Richardson’s good plan layout – Kucinich to 6th, Richardson 5th.

What kind of a stupid question is what would you as President do with airlines and air travel! But for the stupid question, he gave a good answer. Nice forgetting to set up the clock there MSNBC).

About illegals in New York and getting licenses – you just gave the pre-situation, not the issues – and MSNBC, why did you cut Obama off when you forgot to time him, but let Clinton go! Dodd – driver’s licenses are PRIVILEGES! Absolutely! GREAT response – Clinton tried to respond, and Dodd gave a great rebuttal. “That’s a beaurocratic nightmare” – Dodd – LOVE THAT QUOTE! What’s the point of putting a 30 second timer up each time she talks, they’re only supposed to talk once anyway, so if it’s going to be showdown style, take the timer off – I hate MSNBC debates).

About regulations on internet – protect children – good – he moved off topic, but MSNBC shouldn’t have ended that topic abruptly. Addressing Clinton’s flip-flopping “in the past 2 minutes” – nice. Obama’s chime in – nice.

Why the HECK is MSNBC addressing Kucinich seeing a UFO! Come on – this is a huge joke. “More people have seen a UFO than approve of Bush – nice.”

Cancer as a Presidential issue – weak. But decent response, Clinton.

Dodd decriminalizing marijuana – missed that discussion for the most part, but it was short, so no huge impact.

Shut down imports from China, Mr. Biden! That’s just ridiculous – and what a stupid question about Christmas shopping.  Moved down to 4th.

Your Halloween costume – ok, MSNBC is a joke – but nice Romney joke, Obama.

1.       Dodd

2.       Edwards

3.       Obama

4.       Biden

5.       Richardson

6.       Kucinich

7.       Clinton


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