Democratic Debate – October 30th – Part 3

Up to the 3rd break…

About energy – Good answer – Dodd – outlined the plan as much as possible, and gave a source for more info.  Biden – average answer. Edwards – good answer about oil company accountability – and good overall answer – I’ll give you 2nd. Clinton, decent answer, but they’d all have to die before you move up even 1 point in my ranking. Obama – good answer. Kucinich – good answer, I’ll move you up 1 to 5th. Richardson – just said WHAT needs to be done, now HOW – you’ll stay 3rd.

Question about Georgia and California – good outline of corporate carbon tax, and lowering CO2 emissions. Good job bringing Al Gore in – showing that an “authority” on the subject supports your plan.

Edwards – answer about rebuilding in areas that have high chances of disasters – New Orleans (dumbest idea for a city ever – you never build below sea level). Nice feel good talk about New Orleans – but address the issue specifically. After Brian Williams prompt to answer the question, you still avoided it – I’m going to drop you down to 3rd.

Clinton about the Rangel plan, stop attacking Bush, and stop lumping yourself with Bill – you’re separate people – and she didn’t exactly answer the question – she just somewhat circled around it. At least you finally answered no when Tim Russert essentially forced you to answer. Obama – good response – good outline of your plan, I’ll move you up to 3rd.

Hedge funds – Kucinich – GREAT job pointing out that you’re different than the Democrats who aren’t very different from the Republicans – moved up to 3rd. Edwards – good answer, but not enough to move your ranking.

Trends in International Mathematics Studies – should we extend the school day/year: Richardson – gave statistics and just ran out of time so he couldn’t get his plan in, and instead ran out his time, kept rambling, being interrupted by Brian Williams 4 times – you got dropped down to 3rd – give your plan, not statistics. Kucinich – give your plan – but did better than Richardson – so stay 2nd. Obama – where’s your plan? Dropped to 5th.  Clinton – you OUTLINED A PLAN! – too bad you sucked the rest of the debate.  Edwards – nice plan – raised to 2nd. Biden – decent description – I’ll give you 4th. Dodd – too generic of a plan, but you’ve done great the rest of the debate, you stay 1st.

1.       Dodd

2.       Edwards

3.       Kucinich

4.       Biden

5.       Richardson

6.       Obama

7.       Clinton


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