Democratic Debate – As They Broadcast, I Write Commentary – October 30, 2007

As of the 1st break, here’s my commentary and rankings:

First question – who cares about him campaigning harder against Clinton, but Obama had a good list of examples where she flip-flopped. The question for Edwards – again, these questions about Clinton’s campaign are just stupid – address actual issues, not candidates old talk about issues. Good examples from Clinton about her plans, but don’t attack Republicans – you still have to win the primary, and answer the question about your “double talk,” not what you’ve done.

Obama didn’t answer the question about his “red line” on when to attack Iran – just that we shouldn’t talk about war with Iran. Clinton got closer to answering the question, but didn’t either. Edwards, nice attack against Clinton, but you didn’t address the question at all.

Richardson and Kucinich – good, but average answers to question on Iran. About Iran keeping Iran from getting nukes – average answers from: Clinton & Edwards. Obama & Biden elaborated – good job. Chris Dodd – GREAT answer – charismatic and strong – moved him up to #1. Richardson – great answer, no charisma though. WHAT THE HECK! Kucinich doesn’t like nuclear power – that’s not good – nuclear power IS safe, when done under careful supervision – how are we supposed to get off of fossil fuels? He’ll stay in 4th for that one.

Clinton – good answer about Iraq. Obama – nice attack on Clinton about her vote on the Iran resolution, and nice outline of your personal plan – moved up to 4th place. Edwards – even better attack on Clinton, very detailed outlined plan – moved up to 5th. Very good saying that we should be consistent from primary to general election policies! – that got you 4th place. Clinton – you didn’t rebut Edwards quoting you saying that you had gone from “Primary mode” to “General election mode.”

  1. Dodd
  2. Richardson
  3. Biden
  4. Edwards
  5. Obama
  6. Kucinich
  7. Clinton

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