Debate Analysis – Part 2

As of the second break…

Clinton, decent answers to the first question after the break about her experience. She didn’t answer the question about the national archives releasing records between her and her husband. Obama, good attack on her about her not being “open, transparent, and accountable.” A very “feel-good” down-to-earth answer , and he explained why she wouldn’t get anything done– moved him up to 3rd. Edwards – nice saying that Republicans want to run against her – shows that she couldn’t win the general election. Moved from 5th to 3rd. “If you want the status quo, Senator Clinton is your candidate” – GREAT quote! More charismatic discussion, moved him up to 2nd. We’ll have to see how the 4 minor candidates do, since they aren’t getting many questions). Senator Clinton, you’re attacking only Republicans – you have to separate yourself from your opponents.

Obama – GREAT answers about why you’re experienced – good examples. Moved up to 3rd. Richardson’s answer, he struggled at the beginning getting his thought out, but good analysis of Clinton and coming together as Democrats. “I’m the only CEO in this race” – that hurt your connection to average Joes, so I’ll bump you up to 2nd for your answer. But good list of other qualifications. Dodd – good pointing out of situational ethics problems in these campaigns. “Elect a democrat and elect a democrat who is electable” – GREAT. Good list of your legislation and VERY charismatic – keeps you in 1st.
Edwards – good job pointing out that you’re not perfect, but when you go and say that you haven’t taken money from D.C. lobbyists, and then say you’re not here to talk about that – it makes you look like you’re bragging. Other than that, decent responses. Kucinich, nice and strong answers (although it got noisy, so I missed the question) – but the wording of his answer and enthusiasm is good. Kucinich up to 4th. Biden – good attacks on Giuliani being as incompetent as Bush and attacking his “keeping NYC low on crime” – perhaps because that’s all Giuliani talks about and it annoys me, but it was funny – and made Biden look good – moved to 4th. Also, good pointing out that you DID in fact negotiate with other countries.
On social security (Clinton) – don’t say “we” when referring to your husband’s administration – it looks like you were in control then/he’ll be in control in ’09, and people don’t like this. She said that S.S. crisis is just a Republican talking point – and Bill Clinton said that we were in 1998 – if I could drop her farther than 7th place, I would right now.

Obama – nice argument against Clinton, and nice outlining of your plan – back up to 4th. Clinton, why do we need a bipartisan commission if there’s no S.S. problem?

About Romney’s mistake with Obama/Osama – so what – he’s an African American with an Arabic type name – what kind of stupid question is this. Good answer though – at least as good of an answer such a stupid question could get.

1.       Dodd

2.       Richardson

3.       Edwards

4.       Obama

5.       Biden

6.       Kucinich

7.       Clinton


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