New York Wants to Give Illegal Immigrants Driver’s Licenses

And I thought that Durbin’s DREAM Act was stupid!  What the heck is this – we now want to give ID CARDS to ILLEGALS!  Do you realize that this will just shoot down any deterrent measures that we try to implement.  What next, let them vote?  And put the ballots in Spanish?  Actually, with some form of ID, I guarantee you that we’ll see a lot of illegals illegally voting, especially in Detroit, where the NAACP thinks that any black person should be able to vote, even if they’re dead in the records, if “they” show up to the polls, they’ve got the right to vote!

And what does this do for national security?  How are we supposed to keep track of people that we DON’T want here if we’re giving them ID cards?  Sure, we can track their ID card at first, but then the ACLU sues the government because “that’s an invasion of their privacy!”  It’s been barely 6 years since September 11th, and WE are the ones who are encouraging terrorists to just come on in and prep for their attacks.

It’s just stupid – ICE needs to start sending the illegals back to their home country.  If we don’t crack down now, we’ll go on a path of destruction!

Done Ranting,

Ranting Republican


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2 Responses to “New York Wants to Give Illegal Immigrants Driver’s Licenses”

  1. San Francisco ID’s - We Don’t Care What Gender You Are, or If You’re Legal! « Republican Ranting Says:

    […] to get ID cards (but not drivers licenses – yet).  (For my views on this subject, check out this post).  And just a side point – if I were ever to get employed by the Secretary of State, or whatever […]

  2. MarK Darvin Says:

    This is a really good post and something I never thought about, but I do recall a few eatery charges on my credit card that seemed to be much higher than I recalled spending. Well I think I will make an effort to bring enuf cash for tipping from now on if possible!

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