Go Get ‘Em, Mr. Tancredo!

Wow – I now love Representative Tom Tancredo (R-CO) more than ever (even though he can’t speak in public) (and no, I’m not voting for him – but if he could win I would in a heartbeat).

He demanded that Immigration and Customs Enforcement raid Senator Richard Durbin’s (D-IL) press conference promoting his bill that would give legal status to illegal immigrants who are high school graduates, if they attend college or serve in the United States military for two years.  According to Tancredo, there would be illegal immigrants at the press conference, although Joe Shoemaker, Senator Durbin’s spokesman, said that the three who would be present were all on temporary legal status (but who knows).  ICE took no action at the conference.

Now – let’s address a couple of issues – whether or not there were illegals at the conference, this bill is SCARY!  You’re telling me that somebody can cross the border, enlist in the military and then become a citizen!  What’s the screening here?  Are we going to allow Arabs to do this – next we’ll have secret Al Qaeda agents infiltrating our ARMY!

But what if they just choose to graduate from high school?  Well, are we going to make them learn English, or will we compromise and begin offering Calculus classes in Spanish?  DO YOU SEE WHERE THIS WILL LEAD!  “Americans” will cease to be Americans!  It’s ridiculous.

And here’s a quote from the New York Times showing how liberally biased they are:

“Congressman, have you no shame?” Mr. Durbin said in a statement, indirectly comparing Mr. Tancredo to Senator Joseph McCarthy and his anti-communist hearings in the 1950s.  COME ON – how is this comparing Tancredo to McCarthy?  The NY Times is just promoting this liberal trash like Senator Durbin.

Kick the illegals out – so that we give the opportunities to the people who actually waited to become citizens.  Immigration is a great component of America, but when it is abused, it will lead to our downfall!

Done Ranting,

Ranting Republican


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2 Responses to “Go Get ‘Em, Mr. Tancredo!”

  1. Nick Says:

    Durbin and his ilk just don’t get it.

    Thoughts on FDT’s recently unveiled immigration platform?


  2. inkslwc Says:

    But this is something crucial that a Senator has to get – and this is why it worries me. Sure, giving illegal immigrants amnesty, health care, etc… is bad for America, but allowing them into our military is unsafe – it’s crossed a line of terrible policy to national security crisis (if this bill passes).

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