Stephen Colbert: Presidential Candidate!?

Well, I’m SURE by now you all have heard – Stephen Colbert wants to run for President, at least in South Carolina, his home state.  So, let’s analyze the possibilities with this:

Colbert runs in South Carolina – not largely affecting the Republicans, probably hurting McCain and Paul the most, due to their popularity with younger college students (mainly McCain).  In the Democratic primary, however, things could get a little spicier – he could take a large amount away from Obama, as well as Clinton.  From here we have 2 options:

  1. He doesn’t win – story ends here.
  2. He wins the SC Dem. primary.  From here – 2 more options:
    1. He quits.
    2. He continues, giving us 2 more options:
      1. He wins no to only a couple more states – and the nomination process goes  along basically normally.
      2. He wins quite a few states – placing him unofficially as winning the DNC – 2 more options:
        1. The delegates from the states don’t cast their votes for Colbert, so essentially the primaries were completely pointless, and whichever candidate has the most delegates at the convention wins.
        2. He pulls off the feat of getting the DNC nomination – 2 more options:
          1. He flat-out loses the election.
          2. He wins the election – giving us 2 options:
            1. The electors decide to follow the wishes of the voters – Colbert is our next President.
            2. The electors see that voting for a person who has never held political office would be a terrible idea.  Thus, they do what they were put in power to originally do, trump the stupid decision of voters, giving us our 2 final options:
              1. The Democratic electors fight it out between themselves – for each of their candidates, splitting the party, giving the win to the Republicans.
              2. The Democrats unite to chose a candidate – whoever has the most power convinces the others to vote with them in order to salvage the party and not split the votes which would give the Reps. a win.

Now – what do I think is most likely – the farthest he’ll probably get is maybe winning SC and quit there.  But still, the fact that America would vote for somebody who has no experience is scary (and I’ve already heard support for him).

If he came back in a few years  after being Governor, good  for him – but you can’t jump into the seat of President when you have no experience.

Done Ranting,

Ranting Republican


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