Jamie Thomas: Dumb (Cyber) Criminal

OK, I’m sure a lot of you have heard about Jamie Thomas, the woman sued by the Record Industry Association of America for using (and feeding music to) Kaza, a file-sharing software.

She bashed one of her jurors, Michael Hegg because he had never used the Internet, thus he wouldn’t have understood how her IP address could’ve been spoofed.

She is also challenging the guilty verdict because she was held accountable for the actions of others (their downloading of the music).

So, let’s analyze her appeal:

  1. Why would you even make the 2nd argument unless her 1st argument was false – it makes her seem guilty in my eyes.
  2. Heggs wasn’t the only one who had to be convinced, 11 others did as well.
  3. It was HER lawyers who agreed to have Hegg as a juror, so shut up and quit complaining.

Essentially, this is just another cyber criminal who’s mad because she got caught.  Throw the book at her and make a lesson out of her.

Done Ranting,

Ranting Republican


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