October 9th Dearborn Republican Debate

OK, some highlights from the debate (without any YouTube links because I couldn’t find them).

  • Giuliani’s smackdown on Mitt Romney about the unconstitutionality of President Clinton’s use of the line item veto.
  • Giuliani went an hour and 37 minutes without mentioning that he lowerd crime in NYC.
  • Chris Matthews failed attempt at a joke against Fred Thompson (I think it was Thompson).
  • Romney’s joke at Fred Thompson, and Fred Thompson’s knock out comeback.
  • Giuliani’s failed attempt at a dig against Ron Paul about 9/11 and Paul’s comeback.

Here’s the ratings, best to worst:

  1. Giuliani – Close to first, but he resorted to making his usual argument, and got beaten in a mini-dispute with Ron Paul.
  2. Hunter – General feel-good debate.
  3. Brownback – Same as Hunter.
  4. Ron Paul – overall good, strong job, but he said he wouldn’t support the nominee, and even the Paul people I was with cringed at this.  Had he not have done that, I’d have awarded him 1st place.
  5. Romney – got beaten up early by Giuliani.  Came back slowly, and tried to make a joke about Thompson, but it backfired.  But a very good speaker. 
  6. McCain – he did an average job debating, but the hearing problem seriously accentuated the fact that he’s old and not in the best of health.
  7. Thompson – Generally, not a great speaker – a LOT of “um”s.
  8. Huckabee – Generally just wasn’t that good in this one.  He went on and on too much.
  9. Tom Tancredo – his stuttering problem was quite bad in this debate, and it hurt him pretty bad.

Well, I found a video, so here’s the link, and my favorite quotes: http://video.msn.com/?mkt=en-us&brand=msnbc&tab=m5&rf=http://www.msnbc.msn.com/&fg=&from=00&vid=fbe846f5-8580-47f5-9c44-3e8317dd8be9&playlist=videoByTag:mk:us:vs:0:tag:News_Editors%20Picks:ns:MSNVideo_Top_Cat:ps:10:sd:-1:ind:1:ff:8A

“I was frankly a little nervous about being here tonight.  I was afraid she was going to put a tax on the debate before the end of the night.”  Mitt Romney (4:06)

Romney/Giuliani Smackdown (19:20)

“There are also some bad unions.  I’m probably not gonna name the bad unions, but…”  Mitt Romney (83:00)

Are unions good for America?  “Sure.”  Sam Brownback (85:20)

Tancredo: “Sam, I don’t, your mom, if she was a postal worker, believe me, she didn’t need a union on top of civil service benefits”
Brownback: “Don’t pick on my mother”
Tancredo: “I’m sure she was a sweetheart.”
Brownback: “Leave my mother out of this.”
Tancredo: “Especially with regard to, need I say it, illegal immigration…”
Brownback: “My mother is not an illegal immigrant.”

Chris Matthews: “Took a long time, he said, ‘No,’ he shoulda stopped there.”
Thompson: “Well that’s your opinion Christopher.”
[Awkward Pause]
Matthews: “OK”

Romney: “And this is a lot like Law & Order, Senator.  It has a huge cast, the series seems to go on forever, and Fred Thompson shows up at the end.”
Thompson: “And to think I was gonna be the best actor on the stage.”

Done with my commentary,

Ranting Republican


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6 Responses to “October 9th Dearborn Republican Debate”

  1. James Says:

    why are you making fun of people with stuttering problems :(.. kidding

  2. inkslwc Says:

    Fact of life is that Americans won’t vote for somebody who can’t speak.

  3. mycowardice Says:

    The best actor on the stage come back was terrific!

  4. James Says:

    well they voted for bush, nate lol

  5. inkslwc Says:

    True, but Bush can get words out (they don’t all make sense, but he can speak) – Tancredo would take an entirely long time at the State of the Union, or he’d give a short speech.

  6. Nick Says:

    That Brownback “mother” exchange was priceless.


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