State of Michigan Is Officially Partially Shut Down

Well, it’s happened.  As of 50 minutes ago, Michigan is now officially (partially) shut down – although, I found out that our casino here in Mount Pleasant will stay open due to the fact that it’s an Indian casino.  I’m guessing we’re gonna have massive anger when the college students realize there’s no more beer, maybe then they’ll contact the stae legislators and Governor Granholm and tell them to just start cutting the extra fat out of our budget.

Will the last one out of Michigan please turn the lights off?…Oh wait, Jenny just did.

Ranting Republican


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4 Responses to “State of Michigan Is Officially Partially Shut Down”

  1. Nick Says:

    Tax-and-spenders doing what they do. A 4 hour shutdown while they figured out how to yank $1.35 BILLION out of our pockets.

    Now it’s time we yanked their seats away from them. 08 is going to be a big cycle!


  2. James Says:

    Nick, remember some taxes are necessary for the government to function. They are a neccessary evil.

    And just to enlighten you.. there will never be 38 Republican Michigan State Senators and 110 Michigan State Representatives. Compromise is necessary for the political process to go forward. Now.. I do not know the whole story behind this shut down, so it is hard for me to comment, but higher powers told me to pass this message on to you (and no you wont know who this person is).

  3. James Says:

    grrr.. edited my comment and add “110 Republican Michigan State Representatives”… I forgot to add the word Republican in.

  4. make money online Says:

    i think this only leads to the aggression . so this must be banned !

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