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Happy Halloween

October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween everybody!  Gosh – this is one of the worst holidays for me – reminds me how much I need to diet.

Sometime tomorrow, we’ll find out how much of Detroit burned in the annual Devil’s Night chaos, or perhaps Angel’s Night has become even more of a success.

At any rate, Happy Halloween, no go out in your Hillary Clinton Costumes and scare the crap out of some little kid!

Done Celebrating (I don’t know),

Ranting Republican

Final Segment and Analysis of the October 30th Democratic Debate

October 30, 2007

And as of the end…

How to attract quality people to field of medicine: Dodd – decent general plan. Biden – good job showing that they’re broke – identify with college voters. Good addressing insurance companies – move up to 3rd. Edwards – good plans – I’ll keep you at 2nd – I don’t see anybody beating Dodd at this point. Clinton – you only addressed insurance too much and couldn’t get your full descriptions in. Obama – good addressing college costs – moved to 4th. Kucinich – didn’t address doctors – tried to go over because you didn’t get your plan out – this combined with Richardson’s good plan layout – Kucinich to 6th, Richardson 5th.

What kind of a stupid question is what would you as President do with airlines and air travel! But for the stupid question, he gave a good answer. Nice forgetting to set up the clock there MSNBC).

About illegals in New York and getting licenses – you just gave the pre-situation, not the issues – and MSNBC, why did you cut Obama off when you forgot to time him, but let Clinton go! Dodd – driver’s licenses are PRIVILEGES! Absolutely! GREAT response – Clinton tried to respond, and Dodd gave a great rebuttal. “That’s a beaurocratic nightmare” – Dodd – LOVE THAT QUOTE! What’s the point of putting a 30 second timer up each time she talks, they’re only supposed to talk once anyway, so if it’s going to be showdown style, take the timer off – I hate MSNBC debates).

About regulations on internet – protect children – good – he moved off topic, but MSNBC shouldn’t have ended that topic abruptly. Addressing Clinton’s flip-flopping “in the past 2 minutes” – nice. Obama’s chime in – nice.

Why the HECK is MSNBC addressing Kucinich seeing a UFO! Come on – this is a huge joke. “More people have seen a UFO than approve of Bush – nice.”

Cancer as a Presidential issue – weak. But decent response, Clinton.

Dodd decriminalizing marijuana – missed that discussion for the most part, but it was short, so no huge impact.

Shut down imports from China, Mr. Biden! That’s just ridiculous – and what a stupid question about Christmas shopping.  Moved down to 4th.

Your Halloween costume – ok, MSNBC is a joke – but nice Romney joke, Obama.

1.       Dodd

2.       Edwards

3.       Obama

4.       Biden

5.       Richardson

6.       Kucinich

7.       Clinton

Democratic Debate – October 30th – Part 3

October 30, 2007

Up to the 3rd break…

About energy – Good answer – Dodd – outlined the plan as much as possible, and gave a source for more info.  Biden – average answer. Edwards – good answer about oil company accountability – and good overall answer – I’ll give you 2nd. Clinton, decent answer, but they’d all have to die before you move up even 1 point in my ranking. Obama – good answer. Kucinich – good answer, I’ll move you up 1 to 5th. Richardson – just said WHAT needs to be done, now HOW – you’ll stay 3rd.

Question about Georgia and California – good outline of corporate carbon tax, and lowering CO2 emissions. Good job bringing Al Gore in – showing that an “authority” on the subject supports your plan.

Edwards – answer about rebuilding in areas that have high chances of disasters – New Orleans (dumbest idea for a city ever – you never build below sea level). Nice feel good talk about New Orleans – but address the issue specifically. After Brian Williams prompt to answer the question, you still avoided it – I’m going to drop you down to 3rd.

Clinton about the Rangel plan, stop attacking Bush, and stop lumping yourself with Bill – you’re separate people – and she didn’t exactly answer the question – she just somewhat circled around it. At least you finally answered no when Tim Russert essentially forced you to answer. Obama – good response – good outline of your plan, I’ll move you up to 3rd.

Hedge funds – Kucinich – GREAT job pointing out that you’re different than the Democrats who aren’t very different from the Republicans – moved up to 3rd. Edwards – good answer, but not enough to move your ranking.

Trends in International Mathematics Studies – should we extend the school day/year: Richardson – gave statistics and just ran out of time so he couldn’t get his plan in, and instead ran out his time, kept rambling, being interrupted by Brian Williams 4 times – you got dropped down to 3rd – give your plan, not statistics. Kucinich – give your plan – but did better than Richardson – so stay 2nd. Obama – where’s your plan? Dropped to 5th.  Clinton – you OUTLINED A PLAN! – too bad you sucked the rest of the debate.  Edwards – nice plan – raised to 2nd. Biden – decent description – I’ll give you 4th. Dodd – too generic of a plan, but you’ve done great the rest of the debate, you stay 1st.

1.       Dodd

2.       Edwards

3.       Kucinich

4.       Biden

5.       Richardson

6.       Obama

7.       Clinton

Debate Analysis – Part 2

October 30, 2007

As of the second break…

Clinton, decent answers to the first question after the break about her experience. She didn’t answer the question about the national archives releasing records between her and her husband. Obama, good attack on her about her not being “open, transparent, and accountable.” A very “feel-good” down-to-earth answer , and he explained why she wouldn’t get anything done– moved him up to 3rd. Edwards – nice saying that Republicans want to run against her – shows that she couldn’t win the general election. Moved from 5th to 3rd. “If you want the status quo, Senator Clinton is your candidate” – GREAT quote! More charismatic discussion, moved him up to 2nd. We’ll have to see how the 4 minor candidates do, since they aren’t getting many questions). Senator Clinton, you’re attacking only Republicans – you have to separate yourself from your opponents.

Obama – GREAT answers about why you’re experienced – good examples. Moved up to 3rd. Richardson’s answer, he struggled at the beginning getting his thought out, but good analysis of Clinton and coming together as Democrats. “I’m the only CEO in this race” – that hurt your connection to average Joes, so I’ll bump you up to 2nd for your answer. But good list of other qualifications. Dodd – good pointing out of situational ethics problems in these campaigns. “Elect a democrat and elect a democrat who is electable” – GREAT. Good list of your legislation and VERY charismatic – keeps you in 1st.
Edwards – good job pointing out that you’re not perfect, but when you go and say that you haven’t taken money from D.C. lobbyists, and then say you’re not here to talk about that – it makes you look like you’re bragging. Other than that, decent responses. Kucinich, nice and strong answers (although it got noisy, so I missed the question) – but the wording of his answer and enthusiasm is good. Kucinich up to 4th. Biden – good attacks on Giuliani being as incompetent as Bush and attacking his “keeping NYC low on crime” – perhaps because that’s all Giuliani talks about and it annoys me, but it was funny – and made Biden look good – moved to 4th. Also, good pointing out that you DID in fact negotiate with other countries.
On social security (Clinton) – don’t say “we” when referring to your husband’s administration – it looks like you were in control then/he’ll be in control in ’09, and people don’t like this. She said that S.S. crisis is just a Republican talking point – and Bill Clinton said that we were in 1998 – if I could drop her farther than 7th place, I would right now.

Obama – nice argument against Clinton, and nice outlining of your plan – back up to 4th. Clinton, why do we need a bipartisan commission if there’s no S.S. problem?

About Romney’s mistake with Obama/Osama – so what – he’s an African American with an Arabic type name – what kind of stupid question is this. Good answer though – at least as good of an answer such a stupid question could get.

1.       Dodd

2.       Richardson

3.       Edwards

4.       Obama

5.       Biden

6.       Kucinich

7.       Clinton

Democratic Debate – As They Broadcast, I Write Commentary – October 30, 2007

October 30, 2007

As of the 1st break, here’s my commentary and rankings:

First question – who cares about him campaigning harder against Clinton, but Obama had a good list of examples where she flip-flopped. The question for Edwards – again, these questions about Clinton’s campaign are just stupid – address actual issues, not candidates old talk about issues. Good examples from Clinton about her plans, but don’t attack Republicans – you still have to win the primary, and answer the question about your “double talk,” not what you’ve done.

Obama didn’t answer the question about his “red line” on when to attack Iran – just that we shouldn’t talk about war with Iran. Clinton got closer to answering the question, but didn’t either. Edwards, nice attack against Clinton, but you didn’t address the question at all.

Richardson and Kucinich – good, but average answers to question on Iran. About Iran keeping Iran from getting nukes – average answers from: Clinton & Edwards. Obama & Biden elaborated – good job. Chris Dodd – GREAT answer – charismatic and strong – moved him up to #1. Richardson – great answer, no charisma though. WHAT THE HECK! Kucinich doesn’t like nuclear power – that’s not good – nuclear power IS safe, when done under careful supervision – how are we supposed to get off of fossil fuels? He’ll stay in 4th for that one.

Clinton – good answer about Iraq. Obama – nice attack on Clinton about her vote on the Iran resolution, and nice outline of your personal plan – moved up to 4th place. Edwards – even better attack on Clinton, very detailed outlined plan – moved up to 5th. Very good saying that we should be consistent from primary to general election policies! – that got you 4th place. Clinton – you didn’t rebut Edwards quoting you saying that you had gone from “Primary mode” to “General election mode.”

  1. Dodd
  2. Richardson
  3. Biden
  4. Edwards
  5. Obama
  6. Kucinich
  7. Clinton

Democratic Debate Tonight – at 9:00 P.M.

October 30, 2007

The debate will be held at Drexel University. All candidates except for Former Alaskan Senator Mike Gravel are expected to attend the debate. It was announced on October 19th that Senator Gravel did not meet the polling requirements for the debate.

The two-hour debate will start at 9 p.m. EDT Tuesday and will be broadcast on MSNBC and streamed live on

The moderators of the debate will be Tim Russert and Brian Williams.

I’ll have my comments after the debate is over.  In the future, if anybody wants to do like an AIM chat, we could have just an open panel commentary that I’ll post later.

Done Informing,

Ranting Republican

Michigan Will Avoid Second Shutdown?

October 30, 2007

With 1 day left before the budget deadline extension expires, it is up to the Michigan Senate and House to iron out whatever kinks they have left, and then pass it on to Governor Granholm.  From all that I’ve heard, it seems like the Senate and House are in agreement on cuts this time, so we should be good to go – and see what Granholm does.  Unfortunately, all of the news out currently is from before the sessions that started today, so we’ll have to wait and see what happened.

Done Hoping,

Ranting Republican

The House is Going to Lose One of Their Best: Tom Tancredo

October 30, 2007

U.S. Representative Tom Tancredo (R-CO) has announced that he will retire after his term is over, whether or not he wins the election (he won’t – as much as I love the man – he just can’t do it).  He feels that he has done all that he can to influence illegal immigration policies there, so he’s moving on.

Where he’s moving, nobody knows – perhaps something in Colorado state government.

Whatever you choose to do Mr. Tancredo, I wish you the best.  You are a great American.

Done Well-Wishing,

Ranting Republican

Time: Put Dumbledore Back in the Closet

October 30, 2007

Well, about a week and a half ago, J. K. Rowling, “outed” one of her main characters from Harry Potter, Professor Albus Dumbledore as being gay, citing some very well hidden hints throughout the book.  Are you serious!  You’re going back and making a character gay – come on.

In my mind, this is just a publicity stunt for Rowling now that all of her books are done – not promoting the acceptance of homosexuality as she claims.  If her true interest were to promote homosexuality, she wouldn’t have waited until after all of her books were already out and “safe” in the hands of readers.  I think it was a pure publicity stunt.

And a little off topic – not EVERY book/TV show has to have a gay person – there aren’t nearly as many homosexuals in the world as the media portrays, but that’s off topic.

Anyway – I think it was stupid of Rowling to pull this stunt, once she could only gain from it – if she really cared about homosexuality, she would have done this at the beginning, but that would’ve meant risking her now millions of dollars.

Done Ranting,

Ranting Republican

FEMA: FAKE Emergency Management Agency

October 30, 2007

Well, I had meant to write about this before, but forgot, so now that the first personnel causality has taken place, I’ll write…

About a week ago, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) held a press conference, problem is, they forgot to tell the press until 15 minutes before, so they had them phone in, but not ask questions.  Instead, questions were posed by the staff.  And these were easy questions that made FEMA look good.

As a result, John P. Philbin, the agency’s public relations chief, was fired, even though he claims that the stunt was not intended to deceive the public, just inform them in the midst of the mistake in not alerting the press of the conference.  Sounds like bull crap, but it could be true.

This comes just 2 years after FEMA messed up when it came to Katrina (but let me say, it was not as much FEMA’s fault as we all say – “Mayor” Ray Nagin and Governor Kathleen Blanco were just as much to blame – he should’ve just put people on buses and had them drive north – worry about where they’re going to stay AFTER they’re out of the city.  And Governor Blanco – how did you not know that it was your job to dispatch the state’s National Guard, not the Presidents? – that’s just BULL CRAP!)  Anyway, it is now policy that staff not ask questions and that reporters be given ample notification.  Russ Knocke, Homeland Security press secretary, has taken over the press operations of FEMA for the time being.

Done Ranting,

Ranting Republican


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