Illegal Immigrants Suing Danbury for Arresting Them

10 illegal immigrants (Juan Barrera, Jose Cabrera, Daniel Chavez, Jose Duma, Jose Llibisupa, Isaac Maldonado, Edgar Redrovan, Nicholas Segundo Sanchez, Juan Carlos Simbana, and Danilo Brito Vargas) were arrested in Danbury, Connecticut (9 in a sting operation, and 1 in an unrelated traffic stop).  They were shipped to detention centers around the U.S.  The 1 was deported, and the other 9’s cases are being processed.

The 10 are now suing the city of Danbury, being helped by Yale (and I saw this story on Fox’s Neil Cavuto’s Common Sense show last night) – and on the show – I saw what had to be the dumbest Yale student ever – she completely ignored the argument that a person here illegally shouldn’t be able to sue ANYBODY (I think she was kinda nervous, because she fumbled her hands and earpiece a lot – but still – how she got into Yale is beyond me).

I mean – COME ON!  If you’re here illegally, I don’t care what rights you have under the constitution – you have to leave.  It’s the federal government’s job to find out if the city of Danbury and it’s freedom fighter mayor Mark Boughton committed a crime.  The illegal immigrants should be deported immediately, and not be allowed to sue.

Think of it this way – if we allow for illegals to sue people/cities/whatever, and we say “we won’t prosecute you – we want justice to be served, and the criminals punished,” then you’re gonna have illegals lying about crimes so that they can stay here.  I hope the courts just throw this out and make Yale look like a bunch of morons.  Then ICE needs to deport these people.

Done Ranting,

Ranting Republican


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