Navy Wants to Spend $600,000 to Fix a Building’s Cosmetic “Error”

The following is a picture from Google Earth of the Coronado U.S. Naval Base in southern California:

That’s right – it appears to be a swastika.  Originally, it was one “L”-shaped building, and then the other 3 were added.  There are 4 separate buildings but from the air, it appears as one swastika-shaped building.  The original controversy died down, but recently, with the mass use of Google Earth, politically correct bloggers (barfing sound), conspiracy theorists and anti-discrimination activists have hitched on to the bandwagon.

The Navy is now planning on spending $600,000 to cover it up with solar panels, and landscaping techniques.

Now – why aren’t the Democrats complaining about the cost of the Iraq war complaining about this .6 billion dollar expense?

And why is the Navy giving in?  It’s these types of expenses that are killing the state of Michigan (not Navy stuff like this – I’m talking about the principle of completely useless spending).

It’s a building – and the way it was designed it looks like a controversial image – but it’s not – it’s 4 separate buildings – so get over it, and get on to REAL problems in the Navy (i.e.: the “Don’t ask, don’t tell policy”).

Done Ranting,

Ranting Republican


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