Michigan May Go the Way of the NHL: LOCKOUT

Well, with the Michigan Legislature looking like it won’t be able to agree on a 2007/2008 budget that Governor Granholm also agrees on, Michigan may go into a partial government shutdown on Monday.

The Dems insist that we have to raise taxes, and the Reps refuse, putting the state into a stalemate.

First – taxes do NOT need to be raised for this state to have a balanced budget.  We could cut funding in areas like the First Gentleman’s staffers.  Dan Mulhern has three paid staffers, at least one of whom a $115,000 salary and benefits package.  We’re ranked THIRD in the nation for paid staffers for gubernatorial spouses, yet we’re the state with the WORST economy.

Second – we can cut funding to schools – so that they learn to manage their money better (i.e.: DETROIT!).  This last year, the greedy Detroit school district teachers went on strike because they, as always, want more and more money.  This stems mainly from the problem of:

Unwilling to compromise for the better of the public
Organized Crime (Jimmy Hoffa)
No Scabs!
Sorry, we’re not coming back to work unless we have benefits up the wazoo

Hehe – mini-rant. Sorry!  Anyway – I’m sure that we can afford to cut some funding to schools.  Do they really need a $14 million dollar brand new building (Milan – a few years old by now)?  And the Detroit schools – we gotta learn to cut costs there and just improve it.  Most of the teachers I know say that the public school system wastes so much money.  Moving on.If the state were to shut down, no state employees would be paid (including legislators – but I’m not sure about the Governor – I’m assuming she wouldn’t, but don’t quote me on that).  Secretary of State would get shut down, as would the lottery.Wait – we’re going to shut down a source of essentially pure income – the lottery???  WHY THE HECK WOULD WE DO THIS!  We gotta find a way to keep the lottery going at least.

Basically – what we need to do is find areas to cut pork barrel spending, and then cut these areas.  We don’t need a tax hike – that’s just going to kill our economy more.

I’m guessing that if we do shut down, the Dems will be the first to give in when they don’t get paid – but that’s just my prediction.

EDIT: And a point that I forgot to mention earlier – and Nick’s comment jump started my memory: the Republicans have asked for a one month interim budget, and the Dems. are refusing. It’s not like the Reps. are saying “NO COMPROMISES” – they’re willing to talk for another month – they just don’t want to shut down the government.

Done Ranting,

Ranting Republican


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8 Responses to “Michigan May Go the Way of the NHL: LOCKOUT”

  1. Nick Says:

    I wish we COULD anticipate Dems giving in… unfortunately it’s the Dems angling for this massive tax hike AND this government shutdown!


  2. inkslwc Says:

    And a point that I forgot to mention earlier – and Nick’s comment jump started my memory: the Republicans have asked for a one month interim budget, and the Dems. are refusing. It’s not like the Reps. are saying “NO COMPROMISES” – they’re willing to talk for another month – they just don’t want to shut down the government.

  3. James Says:

    This usually happens in larger states.. another reason why I will never live in a larger state hahah

  4. anonymous Says:

    perhaps you should read the newspaper for a change, and notice that dan mulhern’s chief of staff already quit, and no non-electeds make anywhere near $115,000. get your facts straight.

  5. inkslwc Says:

    You mean like the Detroit News’s writer’s blog (not printed newspaper – but he’s still paid to do this stuff): http://forums.detnews.com/danielhowesblog/index.cfm?blogid=128

    I had one site that said the staffer only got $80,000 – but that’s around what my family makes – and we sent 2 kids through private school, and still had a decent amount of money. It’s overkill for a staffer.

    1st – why are you anonymous.

    2. What are your sources?

  6. cynicalsynapse Says:

    Umm, why did you send your kids to private school, inkslwc? Is education one of the programs you’d cut?

    Like the Detroit Free Press says, Lansing doesn’t need any more time to work on this—they’ve already had 9 months! An extra 30 days at the gracious offer of Senate Majority Leader Bishop and his clique doesn’t help anybody!

    The simple fact is, our elected officials have failed us! Remember that at the next election—they all deserve to be fired, regardless of party affiliation.

    And, while we’re at it, Bishop’s primary solution to the budget crisis is to cut government spending. Since the legislature obviously can’t handle the one thing required of it in the constitution—the budget—let’s cut it out all together. As you noted, Michigan’s is the worst economy in the nation, but we are one of only 11 states with a full time legislature and our state senators and representatives get the 2nd highest salary in the country, behind only California. Cutting those inept clowns and their staffers out of the state budget should save at least $54.3 million in salaries and benefits. Well, look at that! Only $1.69 billion more to go…

  7. inkslwc Says:

    Sorry – bad wording on my part. It was me and my sister that went through private school, my parents sent us through – off topic though.

    Your right – they HAVE failed us – because they (Dems) can’t compromise. Why can’t we settle for a .4% increase – why do we need .7%? We have plenty of stuff to cut – yeah, make the legislature part time, but cut stuff like Granholm’s plan for the new State Police headquarters, and cut school funding so that they HAVE to spend their money more wisely.

  8. bob Says:

    We are experiencing the true major problem within our country and world today. It is the Greed of those individuals who happen to be in decision making positions. As the primary species of this planet we need to less greedy and more responsible in achieving longevity of our species. Maybe start following the Ten Commandments which are the guidelines that were giving to us on how to be a successful enduring species. After all we do have the ability to think and reason but yet we choose to lavishly adorn the “I” rather than propel the “we”. Several civilizations have died in our past because of greed and considering the magnitude today we may not be another chance.
    The Michigan Legislature needs to act in a manner that is best for the people of this state and stop benefiting themselves. All individuals in decision making positions need to make decisions that benefit the “we” not the “I”. It is time to stop the greed before the greed destroys the “we”.

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