Here’s a Reason to Get the UN Headquarters Off U.S. Soil: Ahmadinejad

On Monday, Iranian terroristPresident Mahmoud Ahmadinejad will be visiting the UN in New York City.  Now – the fact that we have the head of a hostile, terrorist-harboring nation in our country is bad, but I can live with it (I mean we let Yasser Arafat in, and he carried guns with him – but I’ll address all that later).  But Ahmadinejad wants to visit the 9/11 Memorial – HE’S A TERRORIST – there is NOT a single more dishonorable thing that could be done to the site of those attacks than to allow the head of a terrorist country to come there.  He’s not my favorite of the candidates, but I admire Rudy Giuliani for saying that NO New York official should assist Ahmadinejad in accomplishing his “goal.”

Now about the UN – sure, it’s pretty much useless, but let’s ignore that for now – we HAVE to move it off U.S. soil.

  • It allows for dangerous people to enter into the country with loose regulations (Arafat and his guns).
  • It puts a lot of pressure on the U.S. and New York City

I think it should be moved into the middle of the Atlantic (I’d say Pacific, but northern Atlantic would be safer from hurricanes and earthquakes/tsunamis).  This way, no country has it in it’s boundaries.

Back to Ahmadinejad – he should be watched.  Iran should be watched.  And under NO circumstances should he be allowed NEAR the site of the Towers.

Done Ranting,

Ranting Republican


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