Dan Rather: Big Girls Don’t Cry, BUT I DO!

Well, as I’m sure you have all heard by now, CBS’s disgraced former news anchor, Dan Rather, is suing CBS and it’s parent company Viacom for $70 million.

The suit stems from what he claims was a breach of his contract and damages resulting from a 60 Minutes II broadcast that claimed that President George W. Bush was given preferential treatment in the National Guard.  The memo used as a main source of information in the story was later to be found out to be a lie.  CBS apologized, and forced Rather to apologize.  To this day, he says that the source is credible.

EVEN if there was a breach of contract, and EVEN if the memo was true (which most Americans even believe it’s a lie), why is Mr. Rather waiting this long to file the suit?  Because the thought CBS would’ve come crawling back to him by now?  Well, I guess that method didn’t work for him, so he has to go after them like Dick Cheney going after a Hunter (just kidding – I like Dick Cheney, but I gotta throw in a Republican joke every once in a while, since 99% of my jokes are about Democrats).

I say that Mr. Rather waited to long in deciding whether or not he was going to sue CBS.

Done Ranting,

Ranting Republican


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