China – The Sleeping Dragon has Awoken – But Boy Is It Still Dreaming – It Now Thinks It Can Take Over the World!

Here’s a post on the Times Online’s Technology page (let me know if the link goes bad – I’ve had a few problems with their site, so I have a hard copy back up, but I want to link to their page if I can):

China’s cyber army is preparing to march on America, says Pentagon

Tim Reid in Washington

Chinese military hackers have prepared a detailed plan to disable America’s aircraft battle carrier fleet with a devastating cyber attack, according to a Pentagon report obtained by The Times.

The blueprint for such an assault, drawn up by two hackers working for the People’s Liberation Army (PLA), is part of an aggressive push by Beijing to achieve “electronic dominance” over each of its global rivals by 2050, particularly the US, Britain, Russia and South Korea.

China’s ambitions extend to crippling an enemy’s financial, military and communications capabilities early in a conflict, according to military documents and generals’ speeches that are being analysed by US intelligence officials. Describing what is in effect a new arms race, a Pentagon assessment states that China’s military regards offensive computer operations as “critical to seize the initiative” in the first stage of a war.

The plan to cripple the US aircraft carrier battle groups was authored by two PLA air force officials, Sun Yiming and Yang Liping. It also emerged this week that the Chinese military hacked into the US Defence Secretary’s computer system in June; have regularly penetrated computers in at least 10 Whitehall departments, including military files, and infiltrated German government systems this year.

So – the PLA honestly thinks that they can take the world on?  HECK!  They couldn’t even hold on to Taiwan!  If they’re really asking for it, 5 billion can beat 1.3 billion.They’re just being stupid – they’re getting desperate.  What is it with Oriental leaders being attention whores?  1st we had Kim Jong Il and North Korea, and now China wants some action.I say we take them off the Security Council, and put the Republic of China back on, as they rightfully should be.  This of course would cause the People’s Republic to attack them, starting WWIII, but they’d lose.

I say – we just go in and show them that they don’t mess with the world.

Iran and the Middle East is no longer the problem – I mean, sure they pose threats, but China is the big one.  Their leaders are almost as crazy as Lil’ Kim.

The countries around China and North Korea need to step in and keep them in line – Russia, Japan, and South Korea.  Then, when they need back-up, get Britain, Canada, the U.S., and anybody else who likes freedom involved.

Done Ranting,

Ranting Republican


10 Responses to “China – The Sleeping Dragon has Awoken – But Boy Is It Still Dreaming – It Now Thinks It Can Take Over the World!”

  1. Nathaniel Tang Says:

    Ok. first of all, if WWIII did happen between the People’s Republic of China and the United States, the entire world will lose. The reason for this is due to the fact that the People’s Liberation Army has modernized itself to the point that it is now a formitable and extremely capable opponent, and with its refined delivery systems, Mutually Assured Destruction will occur if WWIII becomes a reality. The People’s Republic of China doesn’t need to mess around with the government and military computers to bring down the United States, all it needs to do is call in the foreign trade debt that the United States owes them and cash in all the US Treasury bonds that they hold to bring in a new “Great depression”

    As for holding on to Taiwan, it never happened. Since 1945, the Republic of China has always been in control of the Island and its surrounding island groups. The PLA has never crossed the strait, has never launched an invasion, and never will as long as no major political party, groups or politicians do something stupid that will result in the usage of the PLA.

    Russia is a nominal ally of the People’s Republic of China and will, for the most part, be on the side of the PRC. So therefore, the permanent positions on the security council will never change.

    And the PRC is neither stupid, nor desperate, and is most likely doing this to mess with people’s heads.

  2. inkslwc Says:

    I still think that the PRC will eventually go after Taiwan.

  3. Nathaniel Tang Says:

    No, they will not. The Beijing government would prefer a more peaceful means of reunification, such as through the usage of the economy: a free trade zone; the takeover of corporations; etc.

    The military has been declared an absolute last resort option, and seeing as the Kuomintang are soon to be back in power in Taipei, it will remain that way for a very long while.

  4. inkslwc Says:

    Declaring it a last resort option means that they’ve thought about it. Taiwan won’t ever give in, in my opinion, meaning that it’ll have to go to that last resort option.

  5. Nathaniel Tang Says:

    As I’ve already said, the last resort has almost no chance of being enacted.

    Taiwan might not “give up” but many of its businesses already operate in the People’s Republic of China and are, most of the time, already controlled by mainland businessmen and their corporations.

    As this is the case, the mainland takeover of Taiwan will not be through military might, but through economics and finances.

    As well, the Kuomintang, which is coming to power later this month, have stated in their election platform that they will attempt to negotiate a free trade agreement and zone in the region.

    One thing you have to realize is that the Kuomintang, the Republic of China’s new ruling party, is a pro-reunification party, and the Communist are willing to negotiate with them as they recognize that there is “One China” even if their interpretation is different from the Communist party interpretation.

  6. joey Says:

    my father killed many people from china in ww2 and i will in ww3

  7. Nathaniel Tang Says:


    Unless you’re Japanese or your father was a collaborator, I highly doubt that your father killed any people from China during the Second World War.

  8. Brandon Roberts Says:

    Alright, I want to have something clarified for the sake of my stupidity

    “and with its refined delivery systems, Mutually Assured Destruction will occur if WWIII becomes a reality.”

    “And the PRC is neither stupid, nor desperate, and is most likely doing this to mess with people’s heads.”

    If they are neither stupid nor desperate, why is Mutually Assured Destruction a guarantee? You either need to be stupid or desperate to first of all launch nuclear or thermo-nuclear weapons at another country, but even more so if you know the country you launch them at is going to send a few back your way. So then comes the question, are they going to guarantee Mutually Assured Destruction or are they really neither stupid nor desperate?

  9. Nathaniel Tang Says:

    My comments about MAD is on the basis that if the United States hypothetically goes to war with the PRC, and if nuclear weapons are involved, then MAD will occur.

    the 2nd point you brought up is about the hacking and has nothing to do with the first comment.

    If you understood Chinese culture, you would know that China will never initiate a military conflict outside its perceived area of influence/region. It is a fact that if you don’t bother China, China will not bother you.

  10. Scaphis Says:

    China is a powerful world power because we depend on them for all of our manufacturing. They will never depend on us for anything, and anything we can make they will reproduce in 10-20 years, including processors and advanced technology. I loke Obama very much, but I disagree with his stance that we need to sell things to China. All we should do is find our own labor force to exploit in order to compete globally. This will create a lack of demand for Chinese goods, and cause China to reduce its costs, thus deflating the fat dragon, and postponing the inevitable conflict. Illegal immigrants should be the backbone of our manufacturing labor force, and perhaps citizenship should be granted to children of these immigrants if they work hard every day.

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