California to Teenagers: Shut Up and Drive

So – here’s some interesting news – California passed a a law that will ban teens from using any and all electronic devices while driving – starting next July.  This will go into effect at the same time that adults are going to be required to use hands-free devices for phones.  The penalty is $20, but it is only a secondary offense (they can’t pull you over for it, but if you were speeding, they could ticket you for both – I’m not sure if the adult bill is the same situation).

Teens would still be allowed to use them for “emergencies.”

A few problems I have with this bill:

  1. The whole no phones for teens vs. hands-free for adults seems kinda stupid – for me it opens up a possibility for a lawsuit – make it a blanket law for both – which one – I don’t really care (although I guess I’d prefer the hands free law).
  2. It should be a primary offense – come on – why wait for them to happen to be speeding?  People can stay off the phone for (at most) 45 minutes of their day.
  3. $20 bucks!  Come on – stick it to ’em!
  4. What is an “emergency?”  I just got shot?  I got a see engine soon light on?  I forgot my homework?  I had a fashion emergency?  Too big of a loophole for me (unless it’s defined in the legislature – I don’t know – if somebody knows the bill, comment – but I don’t feel like looking this up.)

So – is it a step in the right direction?  YES!  We need a state law like this in Michigan.

Done Ranting,

Ranting Republican


8 Responses to “California to Teenagers: Shut Up and Drive”

  1. James Says:

    I agree with you entirely on this. Good law. But as long as LEO’s can’t pull someone over for doing this.

    I do have my liscence, and do drive, but not a whole lot. But I am NEVER on the cell phone when I am driving and keep both my hands on the steering wheel.

  2. inkslwc Says:

    LEO = Law Enforcement Officer for those of you who didn’t know there was an acronym for cops (like me). 😀

  3. California Hands Free Says:

    Just get everyone a hands free blue tooth adapter. Then everyone could go around looking like they’re talking to themselves.

    At least the $3.99 blue tooth headset over at doesn’t make it look like you’re talking to yourself. LOL

    (No, really, you have to look, I would love to see teenagers using this device!)

  4. Brock Chatsworth Says:

    This is stupid. Cellphones while driving are NOT the problem, the problem is people being seriously engaged in CONVERSATION while driving. If the problem were driving with one HAND, I can understand this law, but that is NOT the problem, as proven by study after study. To fix the problem do not ban the “handed use” of a phone, ban PHONES.

    Furthermore, a stipulation stiffling your ability to communicate, is an absolute violation of your FIRST AMENDMENT. The government is not allowed to tell you how, where, where, and with what equipment you are allowed to speak with.

    I am the first to say that driving while talking on the phone is STUPID, and if people are doing stupid things and harming people, they should be punished for it. But if someone drives 100,000 miles without obstructing traffic, endangering lives, or causing accidents WHILE talking on the phone– why should this theoritical flawless driver be punished?

    The answer is one rarely spoken: loosen sentencing guidelines and allow judges to make JUDGEMENT calls instead of passing more and more minor laws.

    If someone were on the phone and slammed into a car, the judge should be able to determine the punishment based on the evidence at hand, not confined by minor sentencing guidelines and certainly should not be tied up with matters like “I wasn’t talking on the phone, I was just holding it to my head!”, as is sure to come with these stupid laws.

  5. inkslwc Says:

    Like I said, it should be hands-free devices. People shouldn’t be driving while holding the phone. But I don’t see first amendment rights here. The government is allowed to tell you with what equipment you’re allowed to speak. You can’t have conversation on a bullhorn at 2:00 A.M.

    I do think that the hands free option should be transfered to teens as well, but other than that, I agree with the law.

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