Alan Keyes Is in the Running!

Yesterday, Alan Keyes announced that he would join in the pursuit for the 2008 Republican nomination.  Due to his very socially conservative stance, I supported him in the 2000 election.  I’m not siding with anybody yet – I’ll see how people are doing, and vote based on my beliefs, but I won’t throw away my vote.

I wish the best of luck to Keyes – he’s a good man and a great candidate.

As of now, my vote could go toward either Keyes, Huckabee, or Romney.

Done Announcing (I don’t know how to describe this post),

Ranting Republican


One Response to “Alan Keyes Is in the Running!”

  1. James Says:

    Huckabee is the best of the three. Keyes is a joke candidate in my opinion, with no political experience… what the hell is up with people supporting black candidates with no experience? (No pun to you)

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