The Jena 6 – Yes, Unfortunately America Is Still Racist

Well, I just stumbled upon a story about the “Jena 6” – apparently six black students from Jena, Louisiana were charged with attempted murder after beating up a white kid – who was knocked unconscious, but not hospitalized.

COME ON!  Attempted murder!  But I’ll hold off so I can give those of you who haven’t heard about this (which I’m thinking could be a lot of you – I hadn’t heard about it, but perhaps I just missed this one up until now).

The problems in Jena started when 3 black students asked the Jena (I believe school board – I’ve seen different stories) if they could sit under the “White kid’s tree” (it was some unofficial rule) – come on – a white kid’s tree – are we still in this sad of a state that we can’t even share a freaking TREE!

Anyway, the next morning, 3 nooses were hung under the tree – well – that didn’t go over too well.  And here’s where I’m going to criticize the African Americans down there for a little bit.  You gotta let things like this go – take the high road.  Go to college and show the dumb white kids that you’re better than them!  But instead of taking the high road, fights broke out.

Eventually, 6 kids got in a fight with a white kid (I don’t know if it was 6 on 1 – that doesn’t matter).

So the six were charged with 2nd Degree Attempted Murder – for knocking a kid out!  (Unfortunately, I couldn’t get this scum of a DA’s name – and as you know, I always like to name people who I think are pure scum – so if anybody does have it, comment, so that I can add him as a tag – that way when people Google him – they’ll see what racist scum he truly is.)

The charge for the 1st kid, Mychal Bell, was reduced to aggravated second-degree battery (which requires a weapon – but there’s no evidence of this – so the DA is still a racist pig).

Now – all of this is NOT to say that the 6 are innocent – they should be prosecuted, as should anybody who fought down there – but charge them sensibly.

I pray, that one day, we’ll achieve Dr. Martin Luther King’s dream, but this day is still a long way off.

Done Ranting,

Ranting Republican


20 Responses to “The Jena 6 – Yes, Unfortunately America Is Still Racist”

  1. justice for all Says:

    Since when is it ok for anyone to assault another person and expect to get away with it. I don’t care what color, race or religion you are, no one has the right to put their hands on another for no reason other than being the wrong color. Jena 6 was an outright racist attack by 6 black thugs against on white student who’s only mistake was being in the wrong place at the wrong time. If the black kids had a problem with the school board on this tree incident, why take it out on a white kid who had nothing to do with the school politics. Also the white kid isn’t the one who put any ropes in the tree, but the 6 punk black thugs just figured they’d take out their frustrations out on the first white kid they could find. You also need to get your facts straight, the kid was hospitalized for a concussion, swollon shut eye, and numerous cuts, bruises, and abrasions. He only checked himself out early to participate in his class ring ceremony, not that he was allright. Also where do you get the idea you need a weapon to be charged with second degree battery? Here’s the Louisiana statute for second degree battery:Louisiana Second Degree Battery
    LA R.S. 14:34.1

    Second degree battery is a battery committed without the consent of the victim when the offender intentionally inflicts serious bodily injury.

    For purposes of this article, serious bodily injury means bodily injury which involves unconsciousness, extreme physical pain or protracted and obvious disfigurement, or protracted loss or impairment of the function of a bodily member, organ, or mental faculty, or a substantial risk of death.

    Whoever commits the crime of second degree battery shall be fined not more than two thousand dollars or imprisoned, with or without hard labor, for not more than five years, or both

    Where do you see in the above a weapon is required? As far as any law abiding citizen is concerned the 6 were charged as required by law and deserve exactly what they get. I really get tired of the blacks playing this racist card everytime they get caught in an act of violence against a white. Why aren’t the blacks marching against the ones who shot the 4 students in New Jersey last month and killing 3? I’ll tell you why, because 3 or 4 black thugs with guns did the crime and for some reason black on black crime goes ignored by blacks. You quote Martin Luther King’s dream but as long as blacks like the Jena 6 are allowed to perpetrate crimes like this and others, then defend these crimes by the other black masses, there will never be a dream of all blacks and whites living together in peace and harmony. If this crime was about 6 white kids beating the daylights out of one black kid you better bet there would be an uprising for justice to the MAX charge of the perpetrators who did it. I say let all the charges stand for what these kids did and let them pay for their crimes. Don’t expect a standard of lieniency just because they’re black. Thats not what the laws in this country are about. You do the crime you do the time, like it or not. Put them where they belong, behind bars, if they can’t live in society and abide by the same laws that everyone else has to. Open your eyes and see them for who and what they are, future inmates, or soon to be death row candidates if they keep going the way they are.

  2. inkslwc Says:

    OK – 1st – I know that the kid WAS hospitalized – my original source was wrong, and I just forgot to edit this.

    You’re wrong about the battery. You looked up second degree battery, but they were charged with AGGRAVATED 2nd Degree Battery (
    §34.7. Aggravated second degree battery

    A.(1) Aggravated second degree battery is a battery committed with a dangerous weapon when the offender intentionally inflicts serious bodily injury.

    (2) For purposes of this Section, “serious bodily injury” means bodily injury which involves unconsciousness, extreme physical pain or protracted and obvious disfigurement, or protracted loss or impairment of the function of a bodily member, organ, or mental faculty, or a substantial risk of death.

    B. Whoever commits the crime of aggravated second degree battery shall be fined not more than ten thousand dollars or imprisoned, with or without hard labor, for not more than fifteen years, or both.

    And the white kid may not have put the ropes in the trees, but I doubt he was 100% innocent.

    So, I think that they should be charged (probably second degree battery) – and should go to jail. But the DA down there is corrupt. I DON’T think that they should get off scott free, but their charges should be brought down.

  3. inkslwc Says:

    Oh – one other thing – in LA you can’t be charged as an adult for aggravated 2nd degree battery if you’re not an adult.

  4. justice for all Says:

    First of all both aggravated second degree battery and second degree battery both quote “serious bodily injury” which may or could lead to mental problems, disfigurement or death. Who’s to say how this kid will suffer in later months or years from this beating. I served in the Vietnam war and have first hand experience in head trama by punching or kicking of the head, so whatever you want to call it, it still was an uncalled for and unprovoked attack by 6 thugs against 1. I don’t care how old the so called kids were, if one was 16 or whatever, again 15 and 16 year olds shot and killed 4 college students in New Jersey and will be tried as adults. In that case I hope they fry. When the Jena 6 were originally charged they were charged with attempted 2nd degree murder and that was knocked down to 2nd degree battery, or for your purpose aggravated 2nd degree battery. I’d say they got a pretty good break there alone. Then you go onto say that the white kid may not have put the rope in the tree but that he wasn’t 100% innocent. Is that justification for 6 thugs to attack and beat the daylights out of him, I highly doubt it. Also getting back to charging or trying these so called kids as adults, that again depends on the severity of the crime committed. In all states if a juvenile commits a serious enough crime, they can be charged as an adult no matter what the law on the books say of age. Plenty of juveniles throughout the US have committed serious enough crimes to warrant them being tried as adults. I believe the charges should stick and these punks should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. By the way Bell, the so called 16 year old who’s still in jail with a high bond, has several juvenile assault convictions on his record which is why the Judge, not the DA refuses to let the punk out by reducing his bond. Again another punk on his way to being a career criminal. I notice you never addressed the New Jersey murders of the 3 juvenile blacks who murdered those black students either, I suppose you support them being tried as youngsters or getting their charges reduced. They murdered 3 black college students and damn near killed the forth. Here you have 4 black college students with their whole future in front of them and were cut down like dogs for again doing nothing more than being in the wrong place at the wrong time. What would you tell the parents of the victims? Seems in cases like this Jena 6, blacks dont’ want equal justice under the law, they want little or no law to govern their actions. White or black, if you attack someone as a group you should get the MAXIMUM CHARGE AND SENTENCE, of the law, juvenile or adult. You want to act in a vicious way, roaming in packs like animals while in society and assaulting and murdering victims, I surely don’t have any sympathy for you, and neither should the law. I believe blacks should get their priorities straight and see whats really going on in their own neighborhoods and stop ignoring whats staring them in the face. Clowns like Al Sharpton trying to make the Jena 6 episode into a 21st century civil rights movement won’t work, you don’t defend vicious criminals no matter what their age, and Sharpton should be ashamed of himself trying to incite the blacks in defending criminals. I wonder what Al Sharpton would have said if the Jena 6 punks beat the hell out of him instead of the white kid. I doubt he’d want the thugs out or charges reduced just because they were teens.

  5. inkslwc Says:

    1st – it’s not for my purpose of argument that it’s aggravated – it’s the charges – so a weapon HAS to be included for a guilty verdict.

    Second – I support being charged as an adult for minors – heck, I’ve said before (not here) that an 11 year old who kills somebody should be elligible for the death penalty – an 11 year old knows murder is wrong.

    The point I’m making here is that the D.A. is corrupt – he’s disobeying the laws.

    If the laws existed so that the kids could be charged as adults, I’d fully support it, but the laws don’t exist, so the prosecutor has to play fair.

    The prosecutor is a racist.

    And although I don’t agree with the spectacle that they’ve made it, I agree with Sharpton and Jackson (one of the few times I side with them) that this is unfair. The teens should be sentenced with the maximum sentence (as everybody should in my mind) – but they didn’t commit aggravated 2nd degree assault, and they can’t be charged as adults.

  6. justice for all Says:

    1st of all a weapon was included in the charge of aggravated battery, it was the kids shoes, like it or not.
    2nd the laws do exist for juveniles being charged as adults by law, and the law says if the crime is serious enough and results in personal injury which cause serious bodily injury and or death these juveniles can be upgraded to include being charged as an adult. Again you do an adult vicious type crime like a big man you suffer under the law as such.
    3rd Both Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton are the worst thing to happen to the blacks, they can’t even live by the same laws that govern everyone else. Try doing your homework and check out thier shady backgrounds.
    These two guys are a poor example for any halfway intelligent black to follow, they are nothing more than Rabal Rousers and instigators and everything they spout has no basis for fact.
    Again I notice you haven’t addressed the New Jersey killings by blacks on blacks, what a shame, just another one who refuses to see the whole truth and address the real problem.
    I also see the judge in this Jena 6 fiasco refused bail again to the now 17 year old juvenile in this case. So it looks like the big protest will not have the desired effect of overturning the law of the land so far. So in closing he’s exactly where I’d expect a violent punk crimanal to be, behind bars and hopefully for a very long time.

  7. inkslwc Says:

    1st – a shoe is not a weapon

    2nd – the law states that you CANNOT be charged as an adult for aggravated 2nd degree battery

    3rd – I can’t stand either of those 2 liberal nutjobs – I just happen to agree with them (partially – they want them just set free it seems) here.

    4th – What do you want me to say about the NJ killings – it’s because a lot of metropolitan blacks have this “gangsta” mentality that “brothers have to stick together” – it’s unfortunate.

    I am VERY critical of a lot of the African Americans in Detroit (near where I live) – I sense that you’re thinking that I’m an African American – but I’m not. (If you weren’t thinking this, then I’m reading too much into your posts).

    All I’m saying is that JUSTICE has to prevail – and it’s not prevailing here. If a black commits a crime on a white or a white on black or Hispanic, Chinese, whatever, they should ALL be punished. Nobody should be shown favoritism, and nobody should be shown injustice.

  8. justice for all Says:

    First of all being a former cop, a shoe indeed can be used as a weapon.

    Second the law can charge you with anything they want if the crime fits the charge, juvenile or adult. All are equal under the law and charged as such. The law doesn’t see race or age only the severity of the crime. Check it out, plenty of teens have been charged as adults and thrown in jail for life for committing violent crimes. Obviously what I just said is true as the kid was tried as and adult and still sits in jail while his liberal lawyers look for flimsey loopholes to get the punk out.

    Third If you choose to back Sharpton and Jackson thats your option, however letting an habitual, violent, offender back out on the streets is absurd in any law abiding citizens eyes, which is why the punk is still in jail.

    In the New Jersey killings I was merely pointing out the violent crimes perpetrated by blacks on blacks, and I don’t see blacks marching against the New Jersey murderers, why, because it was black on black and no issue to them. Only when a white is involved and the crime is committed by a black do blacks rally to support black crime. Now thats racist in my opinion.

    I also never thought you were black nor did it matter to me. I just saw your post and it seemed you were ignorant to whats really happening in this Jena 6 fiasco. Blacks are making this a racial issue because a white was involved and blacks got caught and punished. Blacks seem to want a seperate set of laws to govern them, and want the laws to be more lenient toward them, too bad, all are equal under the law, like it or not.

    Lastly if you can’t behave in society, and think you can go around and kill, assault and rob people, then you belong behind bars or worse. It matters not whether you are a juvenile or not. This age thing is just a liberal cop out used to defend thugs and won’t work. The biggest injustice I see in this Jena 6 is complete disregard for the victim because of his color.

    Bottom line here if the kid were black and beat up by 6 blacks there would be no action by blacks against the 6 offenders. If you can’t see the real truth here I can’t help you, your either too young, too naive, or are in denial of the truth.

  9. inkslwc Says:

    OK – I’ll address 3 of those, since we’ll just keep going in circles on the other – you say that a kid with a history will be back on the street. I NEVER have said he should just get off – I think he should be charged with a crime that is propper.

    As for the charging as an adult – this is from the International Herald Tribune ( “Under Louisiana law, a juvenile charged with aggravated battery may be charged as an adult only if the attack involved a firearm, but murder and attempted murder charges can be brought in adult court.”

    And as for your last paragraph – I think if the kid were charged with attempted 2nd degree murder you’d have just as much outrage.

  10. Jena 6 Updates « Republican Ranting Says:

    […] 6 Updates OK, I have had some conversations/debates with some people on the blog (, but the post is WAY back there (I got onto this story over a week […]

  11. justice for all Says:

    He was charged with a crime that was proper, you and the blacks just don’t like it. You had also mentioned the DA is corrupt, well the DA didn’t put him behind bars he only presented the evidence to the courts and the judge and jury decided the legitimacy of the crime punishment. Charges don’t put you behind bars, being found guilty of the charges does.

    Beating someone within an inch of their life IS attempted second degree murder, the punk got those charges reduced by the DA because of a plea from the kids lawyer, lucky for him, but the blacks still raise hell because they think he should have been tried in kitty court and gotten off free. Again the punishment fit the crime adult or so-called juvenile. Just what I’ve said before, the blacks raise hell because they don’t want equal justice, they want a whole new set of laws on the books, just for them, that are more lenient to the violent crimes they commit. Sorry the same law applies to everyone without regard to race, color, etc. or no matter how many of a minority or majority march against it.

    What the hell is with the young people these days, none of them want to take responsiblilty for their actions, and their parents either don’t care or condone this thuggery. Another action taken by blacks was the Tookie Williams slaughter of a convenience store clerk twice in the back with a shotgun and then going to a motel to kill 3 Chinese people by shooting them in the chest and face, then the murderer Williams years later says he’s turned his life around and shouldn’t be put to death, well too damn bad. The NAACP and other so-called black leaders rallied around the governor to let him live, not giving a damn about the victims lives he snuffed out. The blacks seem to be putting the wrong people as their idols or heroes. It won’t work in this case no more than in the Williams case. Again the blacks rallied around Williams because the victims weren’t black. I’ve never seen the blacks get up in arms and march on a black on black violent crime, they just don’t care. Keep the criminals in jail where they belong.

  12. inkslwc Says:

    But he was charged as an adult – the only way you can do that in LA is if you use a firearm – the CHARGE itself was just (if you argue the shoe as a weapon) – but there’s no legal way to charge him as an adult. You’re not getting this – it’s not the severity of the case that matters – it’s whether or not he used a firearm.

    “Beating someone within an inch of their life” – he left the hospital that night to get his class ring – it wasn’t THAT serious.

  13. justice for all Says:

    Your not getting it, he was charged as an adult because he did an adult crime, and the charge was dropped to 2nd degree assault with the weapon being his shoes. He was tried and sentenced as such under Louisana law, now his lawyers are looking for loopholes to change this, it won’t happen.
    Just because he left the hospital against his doctors orders doesn’t mean he wasn’t beat within an inch of his life, obviously you haven’t seen the photo’s of him after the beating, which the DA and police did and even they wanted to see the 2nd degree attempted murder charge stick.
    You say it wasn’t that serious, I’d like to see how you’d feel after 6 thugs beat and kicked the hell out of you. Obviously you’ll never get the jist of the law, just like the black marchers and other liberals. Your simple minded defenition of the charges and actions of these thugs won’t change the ultimate outcome of justice done to them.

  14. inkslwc Says:

    No – you’re not getting it! He was charged as an adult because you can be charged as an adult even if you don’t use a firearm for murder/attempted murder. That’s why – because he didn’t use a firearm, so he had to be charged with attempted murder.

    When they reduced the charges down to aggravated 2nd degree battery, they still charged him as an adult. But you can only be charged with aggravated 2nd degree battery if you use a firearm. An “adult crime” has nothing to do with it – maybe in your mind, but not Louisiana law! To be charged as an adult for battery, he needed a firearm, but for murder, he could be charged as an adult with his shoes.

  15. James Says:

    Living in an all black area, I have never been physically attacked by any so-called thugs. So they may have had a reason, but it does not justify their actions. Now obviously those 6 should get punishments.. (all the protesters probably).

    But the current charges are way to excessive, and need to be amended.

    Anyway, trust the Blog managers judgement. He is way to conservative and far right for me, but remember he is from the Midwest :), he has good judgement (few midwesterners have poor judgement)…

    I agree with him entirely on this case.


  16. justice for all Says:

    When assault type crimes are committed over and over again by the same individuals the laws need to be excessive, or the thugs get out and do it again and again until someone gets killed. The punk thug that is locked up has previous convictions of assault, what does that tell you? He obviously didn’t learn his lesson. No I doubt the charges are excessive, as a matter of fact I think they’re to lean.

    You may trust the blog managers judgement but its only an opinion and doesn’t count in the real world of law and order. Also he may want to get out of his safe haven in the Midwest and take a short walk downtown Liberty City in Miami and see if he can make it a block before he’s cut down.

  17. inkslwc Says:

    I live near Detroit – actually, in a suburb that’s probably 4 spots behind Detroit in violence.

    And I agree with you – punishments need to be VERY harsh – we just disagree on the method of getting there.

    I’m all for capital punishment for rapists, but we can’t do that becuase it’s illegal (for now). I think punishments for assault, drunk driving, even drug use/sale should be 10 x’s harsher. But until we’re at that point, we can’t punish people for more than what they committed.

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    […] victim of the attack by the Jena 6 (see or for my previous comments), Justin Barker (pictured below), is suing the 6 students who assaulted […]

  19. informed student Says:

    You guys don’t know the facts. Robert Bailey, one of the six was beaten for entering a “white” party Friday night. Saturday night, Bailey was at a convenience store and saw one of his attackers. The white man pulled out a shotgun and the black kids wrestled it away and ran. They got charged with theft of a firearm and assault. THEY WERE DEFENDING THEMSELVES AND THEY GOT CHARGED WITH FREAKING THEFT OF A FIREARM FOR TAKING THE DUDE’S SAWED-OFF, PISTOL GRIP SHOTGUN AND FLEEING!!!! Is this justice? The tables were turned. But did Bailey shoot his attacker from the night before who nearly just killed him. No. He let him off the hook. Also, in Mychal Bell’s Trial, his lawyer called 0 witnesses. Not one. A coach was the only adult who could see the attacker. He was POSITIVE that it wasnt Bell and was ready to testify. He sat the whole time and was never called up. That’s racism. Do some research before you give me that kind of crap Mr. Justice for None.

  20. inkslwc Says:

    informed student: I’d like to see your source for that.

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