Enough with the Scandals!

OK, now that a prostitute has accused Senator Vitter of having sexual relations with her (although she didn’t say whether or not he paid her), and she’ll be in Hustler magazine in January, I have a plea to all the Republicans:

If you’ve:

  • Had sex with a prostitute while in office
  • Are gay
  • Have participated in lewd acts with a minor
  • Have had an affair
  • Any other sexual problem


The party just needs to do a purge – we’ve had WAY to many scandals, and frankly – I’m sick of it.  We’re supposed to be the party that supports family values and morals – AND WE’RE HYPOCRITES!

Mean what you say – and if you’re being a hypocrite – then get out of office – there are plenty of other competent individuals who could take your place (Senator Hagel – unfortunately not running for reelection).

Done Ranting,

Ranting Republican


3 Responses to “Enough with the Scandals!”

  1. James Says:

    Well if a Republican member is gay, that is no reason for him to resign the party. There are a few gay republicans and they do have every right to be in that party if they choose two, and if the primary voters nominate him/her/it, and the electorate elects him/her/it, they have a right to be in office.

    But inappropiate sexual advances are grants for resignation.

  2. inkslwc Says:

    That was bad wording on my part – in my hurried ranting I left off the “closet” part – I have no problem with a gay Senator – I probably wouldn’t vote for him, but it depends who all’s running. My poin was, I don’t want some guy voting down pro-gay legislature and then coming out in some scandalous form.

  3. James Says:

    Ah Ok.

    Also, this is off topic, when you say you oppose gay rights, use a different word. Because it sounds “weird”. It sounds as if you oppose all rights of gays and want to execute them.

    A better word to use would be you oppose the “gay movement”.. or something else. Just remember to be careful in your wording.

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