ABC to Air a Program Pointin Out Many of the Flaws in Michael Moore’s Sicko

While watching 20/20 yesterday, they showed some pretty interesting previews for next week, where Michael Moore will be interviewed (and I can’t remember the name of the reporter – so if anybody has that, post a comment for me).

Apparently Mikey Moore wasn’t exactly 100% honest (as usual) in his documentary.  I’ll recap the teaser that 20/20 broadcast:

1) While Moore stated that they got the same treatment as all Cubans, some Cuban citizens and health employees showed other wise – they said that Moore and his Americans that he brought over got the treatment that rich Cubans get – by paying more money to the government.  They then showed us the “normal” medical facilities – which were pretty bad.

2) The reporter started to question him about the state of Cuba’s system ,and Moore said, “I’m not trying to take over your interview, but why don’t you ask me about Canada and Britain?”  I just about died laughing when he avoided that question.

3) Moore states that Cubans live longer, but this stat is from the UN which they get straight from the (untrustworthy) Cuban government.

4) Cuba states that they have a phenomenal birth rate and life expectancy – this is because (according to Cuban DOCTORS), a) MANY abortions are performed a day – if the baby isn’t expected to be healthy – one doctor said he does up to 80 a day; b) If a baby dies after birth by a few minutes, they don’t count it as being born.  So the stats that Cuba gives, are VERY flawed.

5) Moore states that the CIA told him that Americans live shorter than Cuba’s 77.2 – but the CIA told ABC that the American average is 78.

So, as always, Michale Moore has put together a documentary without checking all his facts first, or perhaps, he did check his facts, he just decided to put in the fiction, not the facts.

Done Ranting,

Ranting Republican


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