Duke Lacrosse Players File Lawsuit

OK, well, I think by my disclaimer you all know that I really don’t like lawsuits – BUT THIS IS AN EXCEPTION!  They’re suing for a total of $30 million (yeah, a little high for my liking, but it’ll go down in a settlment bargain) – because their lives were RUINED for a long period of time!

And, while I’m thinking about this – notice the media contrast between this and the Imus thing – one of the Rutgers women said she was “scarred for life” – for being called a “nappy headed ho” – come on!  That doesn’t scar you for life (although I absolutely DON’T condone what Imus did – what he did was wrong too).

But we have this case – nowhere is there talk about how truly RUINED these guys’ lives were ruined – for over a year they were accused, and that will have life-long ramifications.

Now, I think that the Duke Lacrosse and other sports teams need to crack down on the partying and drinking to avoid future situations, so the players and the University is somewhat to blame.

But the major culprits are Nifong – who served his 1 day of 30 possible for contempt.

But what about the attention whore who accused the players?  SHE WAISTED TIME AND MONEY OF THE CITIZENS OF NORTH CAROLINA FOR THE STATE TO PURSUE THIS CASE!  She should have to pay as much of the lawsuit as she can – and should go to jail for quite a while – SHE RUINED THEIR LIVES!

Scum who can do that should have to pay!  And Nifong should have to pay more too – he was out on a witchhunt!  He waisted taxpayers’ dollars as well – so HE should pay some of the lawsuit as well.

I hope that the lives of the player can return to normal, but more importantly, I hope that this can teach college students the dangers of drinking and partying – just DON’T DO IT – you’ll be better off.

Done Ranting,

Ranting Republican


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