China: Still Not Worthy of Being Trusted

I found a news article that the Pentagon released saying that members of the Chinese army had successfully hacked into the Pentagon network (although VERY secretive stuff is kept off of the www).  And the Chinese want us to befriend them more economically????


How can a country who doesn’t even provide basic humanitarian rights be trusted by our government, especially after they hacked into our Defense network.

The Chinese government can’t be trusted, and the fact that they are on the Security Council still bothers me.  I’d have never let them on and would have given the position to Taiwan (The Republic of China, NOT the mainland, the People’s Republic) – Free China, who was terrorized by Communist China (and China will eventually invade our ally Taiwan to get it “back,” sparking a major war – but this is off topic now).

Anyway – we should SERIOUSLY look at our standing with China and question their true motives in international politics.

Done Ranting,

Ranting Republican


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