September 5th New Hampshire Republican Debate

My rating – best to worst – based on the debating skills, NOT how I feel about the candidate and his issues:

1. Huckabee – I LOVED when he just tore the crap out of Ron Paul (who is a nutjob by the way) – he came across as I believe the strongest candidate out of the 8 & very passionate
2. Hunter – He came out strong as well – again, very passionate
3. Tancredo – Another strong debate who was very passionate in the issues
4. Romney – And here’s where we get in to the mediocre candidates.  Unfortunately, Romney, my candidate (although I like all of the above 3 – especially Huckabee) didn’t really do well, although he didn’t do poorly.  In my mind, Romney, McCain, and Brownback were all sorta tied – they weren’t really active, but their debating wasn’t poor – just par.
5. McCain – again – not a bad debater, just mediocre – he had some strong points, but nothing over the top like the 1st 3
6. Brownback – again, like the last 2 – there was nothing really strong from him in my mind
7. Giuliani – “I fixed the crime in New York”, now on to Paul.  OK, a slightly exaggerated joke, but still, does he have ANYTHING else to say?  He debated poorly in my mind – he needs to move off of the fact that he was mayor and lowered crime – talk about other issues.
8. Paul – WOW!  He got torn apart by Huckabee.  I’ll see if I can (legally) get a clip of the argument – but I just loved the cheering afte Paul, and then Huckabee responded and this ROAR erupted.

9. Thompson – HE DIDN’T SHOW UP!  This really hurt him in my mind – and I liked the little bash section at the beginning!


Please post your rankings!  I tried to look for coding that would allow me to do this, but couldn’t find any free poll coding that would allow me to embed it in a blog while also allowing voters to rank the options – I guess beggers can’t look a gift horse before it hatches! lol


6 Responses to “September 5th New Hampshire Republican Debate”

  1. Angelique Says:

    My thoughts…..
    1. Huckabee – totally owned the debate! had a good answer for everything and did an excellent job of handling Ron Paul’s non-Republican party platform opinion of the War.
    2. Hunter & Tancredo – good people, decent debaters – need to have something besides immigration as their main subject….
    3. Romney – not outstanding but always good at debates, I liked his answer best re: the hypothetical question…
    4. McCain – doing better at the debates but really, we all know his campaign is over and I got the very distinct feeling that some other candidates are courting his support when he does step back…..
    5. Rudy – Ok this is my guy 110%, but yeah tonite was not his nite…. as to talking too much about lowering the crime rate in NY, well he does when given the chance…..
    6. Ron Paul – if only he would change his mind on the war! except for that he is a pretty smart guy I could agree with…

    My final thought is the Republicans need a more rounded debate – we really need to be discussing at least equally domestic policy as much as the war.

  2. James Says:

    I didn’t really watch the debate, but I would have to say Huckabee comes first. Ron paul comes last as always…

    I like Huckabee because of my home state bias (I was born in Arkansas, but live in Missouri).

    Could I rank them? Not really. Didn’t watch enough of it.

  3. Nick Says:

    I actually thought FDT came out well for NOT appearing. This current debate format drives me crazy… it’s just an exercise in soundbytes.

    Name one thing you’ve learned about any candidates position on anything as a result of one of these debates. One thing that they haven’t already said on the stump or delivered in a speech.

    It’s just become some sort of political-pop event. Not a fan of the format at all.

    And it’s well past time to cull the herd.

    Just my thoughts. 🙂


  4. inkslwc Says:

    But what does appearing on Leno do for you either?

    Not to mention that it helps the conservative voters who unfortunately aren’t as updated on the candidates and their stances as they should be.

    Should we have started so early? Probably not, but since we did, I’m going to watch the debates, as I think every conservative (and even liberal) voter should.

  5. Angelique Says:

    Nick – I agree that these debates do not give you a true idea of the candidates – The entire campaign process right now makes me think of a high school popularity contest……..
    I do watch the debates tho, for 2 reasons, I feel I should know how my chosen candidate does, and to see the guys like Huckabee that don’t get enough attention outside of the debates, and besides – you never know, something interesting might just happen 😉

  6. inkslwc Says:

    That debate changed me from a Romney guy unofficially to undecided – I’m just gonna sit back and wait now – I support Huckabee more on political issues, but up til now I saw him as a candidate w/o a chance – yesterday’s debate w/ the crowd’s response to him changed that – so I may vote for him.

    I’ll vote based on issues as my #1 “filter,” but I won’t throw away my vote to a candidate who can’t win.

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