My Liberal Sociology Professor Trolling for an Iraq Debate

So today in one of my classes (it’s not sociology, but it’s the sociological psychology professor), Professor _____ (we’ll call him Adam) was talking about a method of understanding society.

I don’t remember exactly how we got on the subject, but he asked the question “Who has the Iraq war benefited?”

One of the students, we’ll call him Bill, said Chinese oil companies, because they have invested a lot in Iraqi oil fields.  Adam kinda brushed it aside and asked who else it benefited.

One of the girls said defense contractors, Adam asked which ones, and the girl said those with connections to Senators.  Adam said yes, and Dick Cheney.

Then Bill raised his hand and was called on and said that it also benefited countless Iraqis.

Adam all of a sudden, somewhat surprised tried to dismiss it by saying, “OK, remember we’re talking about American society” as he penciled it onto the overhead, but he had NEVER said it was a method for interpreting AMERICAN society – he just said society.

The Adam said, “But while we’re on the subject, how many Iraqis have died since we went in?”

Bill said he didn’t know an exact number, but more than Saddam had killed and would kill in the future.

Adam asked why Iraqis should die so that defense contractors could get rich, and Bill said that we shouldn’t just stand by when Saddam was killing MORE people, and would continue.  He then said that it also provided freedom to Iraqi women, which Adam didn’t respond to, but said that Saddam wasn’t that bad.

Bill responded by asking, “What about all the mass graves?”

Adam just kept going back to, “Why should we kill Iraqis so defense contractors can get rich” until the other professor rescued him and began talking about how each view wasn’t going to agree because they were different paradigms, and paradigms pose questions that only that paradigm can answer stupid relativism and liberal crap.  Then we moved on.

I would’ve jumped in in a heartbeat to help Bill out, but the questions that Adam posed were directed toward Bill, so I couldn’t.

But next time, Adam’s going down!

Done Ranting,

Ranting Republican


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