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Senator Larry Craig – Staying?

September 30, 2007

It’s been quite a while since Larry Craig’s scandal (which I held off on posting because I wanted to wait for the facts to come out – they still haven’t).

He’s trying to withdraw his guilty plea, but it’s my opinion (as well as Sean Hannity’s) that he should just retire.  If he REALLY is innocent, I’m fine with him staying.  But if he did commit the crime of disorderly conduct (and why would he plead guilty if he didn’t?), he needs to resign.  If he doesn’t resign, should the Senate impeach him?  It probably isn’t worth their time – but it’s not like I’m going to say it’s unjustified.

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Not Newt!

September 30, 2007

Newt Gingrich (well, his spokesman) has officially announced that he will not run.  He cannot remain President of his tax-exempt political organization, American Solutions, if he were to run, so he’s saying, “No” to the Presidency, at least for 2008 (not that he’d have gotten it anyway).

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Illegal Immigrants Suing Danbury for Arresting Them

September 29, 2007

10 illegal immigrants (Juan Barrera, Jose Cabrera, Daniel Chavez, Jose Duma, Jose Llibisupa, Isaac Maldonado, Edgar Redrovan, Nicholas Segundo Sanchez, Juan Carlos Simbana, and Danilo Brito Vargas) were arrested in Danbury, Connecticut (9 in a sting operation, and 1 in an unrelated traffic stop).  They were shipped to detention centers around the U.S.  The 1 was deported, and the other 9’s cases are being processed.

The 10 are now suing the city of Danbury, being helped by Yale (and I saw this story on Fox’s Neil Cavuto’s Common Sense show last night) – and on the show – I saw what had to be the dumbest Yale student ever – she completely ignored the argument that a person here illegally shouldn’t be able to sue ANYBODY (I think she was kinda nervous, because she fumbled her hands and earpiece a lot – but still – how she got into Yale is beyond me).

I mean – COME ON!  If you’re here illegally, I don’t care what rights you have under the constitution – you have to leave.  It’s the federal government’s job to find out if the city of Danbury and it’s freedom fighter mayor Mark Boughton committed a crime.  The illegal immigrants should be deported immediately, and not be allowed to sue.

Think of it this way – if we allow for illegals to sue people/cities/whatever, and we say “we won’t prosecute you – we want justice to be served, and the criminals punished,” then you’re gonna have illegals lying about crimes so that they can stay here.  I hope the courts just throw this out and make Yale look like a bunch of morons.  Then ICE needs to deport these people.

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Michigan Closer to State-Wide Shutdown as Granholm’s Favoritism Playing Comes Out

September 28, 2007

It is almost inevitable that Michigan will shut down on Monday due to the fact that we cannot agree on a budget.

Well, maybe if we didn’t plan on spending so much money on our State Trooper headquarters, giving this money to Joel Ferguson, Granholm’s friend and supporter.  Check out this video from WXYZ – ABC Detroit…

Look at Granholm SQUIRM when confronted about her lie that Michigan State University asked for the land back!

And if we were to go into a shutdown, why would we shut down the lottery and casinos – when these are PURE PROFIT programs!

The Republicans CANNOT budge on this – we don’t need this big of a tax hike – we need to cut frivolous spending.

Contact your representatives, and URGE them not to give in, even if it means that in a disgusting power play, the Governor shuts down the state.

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Student Editor Should Be Fired for Printing “Taser this: F**k Bush”

September 28, 2007

OK, as I’m sure most of you by now have heard, some student at Colorado State University wrote in an editorial to the school newspaper saying, “Taser this: F**k Bush.”  David McSwane, editor-in-chief of The Rocky Mountain Collegian decided to print it.

“I respect your ability to use the First Amendment, you should not be fired for that,” said Brandon Lowrey, the editor-in-chief of The Collegian last year. “Being irresponsible in that kind of a position, you should be fired for that.  “You are protected by the First Amendment,” Lowrey said looking over at McSwane. “And you’ve disgraced it.”

This is why he should be fired – it was irresponsible for him to print profanity like that in a paper.  I would say the same thing if a student said that about a Democrat, or anybody.  I post on a political forum, and I report just as many Republicans as Democrats for uses of profanity that violate the terms of service.

The issue here is NOT the First Amendment – this student had EVERY right to say that, but it was a very dumb decision for him to post something that is offensive to many people.  Another reason he should be fired is that his duty was to keep The Collegian funded.  18 advertisers are expected to pull out, which would lose the paper $50,000.  From a business standpoint, he made a stupid decision, and needs to pay the consequences.

Again – I have to stress – he had EVERY right to publish this, but to do so was a stupid move that is going to cost the paper, and he needs to be held responsible for his actions and be fired.

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Navy Wants to Spend $600,000 to Fix a Building’s Cosmetic “Error”

September 27, 2007

The following is a picture from Google Earth of the Coronado U.S. Naval Base in southern California:

That’s right – it appears to be a swastika.  Originally, it was one “L”-shaped building, and then the other 3 were added.  There are 4 separate buildings but from the air, it appears as one swastika-shaped building.  The original controversy died down, but recently, with the mass use of Google Earth, politically correct bloggers (barfing sound), conspiracy theorists and anti-discrimination activists have hitched on to the bandwagon.

The Navy is now planning on spending $600,000 to cover it up with solar panels, and landscaping techniques.

Now – why aren’t the Democrats complaining about the cost of the Iraq war complaining about this .6 billion dollar expense?

And why is the Navy giving in?  It’s these types of expenses that are killing the state of Michigan (not Navy stuff like this – I’m talking about the principle of completely useless spending).

It’s a building – and the way it was designed it looks like a controversial image – but it’s not – it’s 4 separate buildings – so get over it, and get on to REAL problems in the Navy (i.e.: the “Don’t ask, don’t tell policy”).

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Michigan May Go the Way of the NHL: LOCKOUT

September 27, 2007

Well, with the Michigan Legislature looking like it won’t be able to agree on a 2007/2008 budget that Governor Granholm also agrees on, Michigan may go into a partial government shutdown on Monday.

The Dems insist that we have to raise taxes, and the Reps refuse, putting the state into a stalemate.

First – taxes do NOT need to be raised for this state to have a balanced budget.  We could cut funding in areas like the First Gentleman’s staffers.  Dan Mulhern has three paid staffers, at least one of whom a $115,000 salary and benefits package.  We’re ranked THIRD in the nation for paid staffers for gubernatorial spouses, yet we’re the state with the WORST economy.

Second – we can cut funding to schools – so that they learn to manage their money better (i.e.: DETROIT!).  This last year, the greedy Detroit school district teachers went on strike because they, as always, want more and more money.  This stems mainly from the problem of:

Unwilling to compromise for the better of the public
Organized Crime (Jimmy Hoffa)
No Scabs!
Sorry, we’re not coming back to work unless we have benefits up the wazoo

Hehe – mini-rant. Sorry!  Anyway – I’m sure that we can afford to cut some funding to schools.  Do they really need a $14 million dollar brand new building (Milan – a few years old by now)?  And the Detroit schools – we gotta learn to cut costs there and just improve it.  Most of the teachers I know say that the public school system wastes so much money.  Moving on.If the state were to shut down, no state employees would be paid (including legislators – but I’m not sure about the Governor – I’m assuming she wouldn’t, but don’t quote me on that).  Secretary of State would get shut down, as would the lottery.Wait – we’re going to shut down a source of essentially pure income – the lottery???  WHY THE HECK WOULD WE DO THIS!  We gotta find a way to keep the lottery going at least.

Basically – what we need to do is find areas to cut pork barrel spending, and then cut these areas.  We don’t need a tax hike – that’s just going to kill our economy more.

I’m guessing that if we do shut down, the Dems will be the first to give in when they don’t get paid – but that’s just my prediction.

EDIT: And a point that I forgot to mention earlier – and Nick’s comment jump started my memory: the Republicans have asked for a one month interim budget, and the Dems. are refusing. It’s not like the Reps. are saying “NO COMPROMISES” – they’re willing to talk for another month – they just don’t want to shut down the government.

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Happy Birthday Google

September 27, 2007

Happy 9th Birthday Google!

I figured this is big enough news to report – and it’s 3:30 A.M. and I just got done writing an essay, so I’m not thinking 100% straight.  I’ll probably think this is one of my stupidest posts when I read this tomorrow.

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Free For All

September 26, 2007

OK – I’m swamped with homework and projects, so I probably won’t post until Friday.  Comment here on anything you want – keep it clean – b/c I’ll moderate if I have too.

Good night, and good luck,

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Halo 3 Release

September 25, 2007

OK, well – There’s like nothing else on TV right now.  Halo 3 is 15 minutes from beng released – and New York City’s Best Buy is crowded like it’s a cult gathering, so I figured this deserves a post.  They’ve shut down streets of the city – this is the biggest game release ever.

OK – that’s all I have – it’s open for yall to just post about Halo or whatever.  We’ll have some real news later.

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