9/11 Conspiracy Theorists: The Scum of the Earth

OK – so the History Channel had a show on yesterday about morons who flunked out of pre-school 9/11 Conspiracy Theorists, but WordPress was doing maintenance (probably a good thing – b/c it would’ve been very hard to keep this post clean).  These people are just heartless freaks!

1) Most of their arguments were easily beaten into the ground by pure logic, as well as expert opinions.

2) They’ve had to revise their web-videos 2 times to edit out points that were later solidly proved wrong that made them look like idiots (and they admitted to this).

3) They went to ground zero, and got into verbal fights with family members as well as coworkers of the victims in the towers and emergency responders who lost their lives DAYS AFTER the attacks – these people are even worse than the scum that goes to funerals of military men and women to protest the war.

Some of the cops who got into arguments with them were so visibly angered – and, honestly, I wouldn’t have had the patience they did – I probably would’ve arrested or tazered one of these terrorists – and that’s truly what they are – the terrorise the family of the victims, as well as the government trying to protect us.

OK – now I’ve gotten heated up again, so I should just stop before I start cussing.

Done Ranting,

The Ranting Republican


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