Plymouth-Canton Schools Crack Down on Students (Those Dirty FASCISTS!)

Plymouth-Canton schools are going to institute a new policy this fall – automatic SUSPENSION if a student is caught using a cell phone in school – parents and kids alike are up in arms over this.

“What if my Johnny has to call his friend for an answer on his Chemistry test?” concerned parent Ima Pushover asks.

Come on!  Why does it matter – phones should be off and stored in lockers during school hours (I do disagree with Lincoln Park’s policy of no phones in the building – that could be a safety issue if an emergency arose) – but kids DON’T need phones during school – especially IN CLASS!

I went to a private school, so basically, what they said went, or you could leave – and our Chem. teacher just loved catching people use their cell phones (especially during a video when the lights were off – how is he NOT going to see your cell phone project onto the ceiling?)

Anyway – I hope more schools follow in the ways of the Plymouth-Canton School District!

Done Ranting,

Ranting Republican


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