Michigan Democrats Want to Let (Unregistered) Blacks Vote

A Law in the Michigan Legislature proposes that all voters need to show ID – using the argument that you have to show ID to rent a movie, so you should have to show it to vote.

But HOLD IT!!!!!  The Dems. and NAACP say this is unfair!  It would discourage blacks from voting (then the Dems could lose Detroit – and thus Michigan) because they wouldn’t want to jump through hoops to get an ID (you mean go down to Secretary of State and get a FREE ID or just sign an affidavit AT THE POLLS).

Come on – is the NAACP racist against blacks – are blacks really this LAZY?  NO!  All you have to do is sign a piece of paper saying you are who you claim – true if you LIE – then you’re in big trouble, but isn’t the NAACP all about JUSTICE?</sarcasm>.

The NAACP and our wonderful governor say they’ll fight this – but I hope the republicans win.  Governor Granholm said we need to tear down barriers to voting, and Hansen Clark, Detroit’s Rep. to the MI House said “people won’t be comfortable signing things because they don’t trust the gov’t” – well – get over it – you have nothing to fear unless you’re lying or evading taxes or something.

I don’t know why/how – but as of now – it’s up to the Secretary of State – so hopefully our wonderful smart (republican) S.O.S. Terry Lynn Land will make ID required!

If you’re too lazy to get an ID or sign a paper – then you should NOT be voting anyway!

Done Ranting,

Ranting Republican


6 Responses to “Michigan Democrats Want to Let (Unregistered) Blacks Vote”

  1. mycowardice Says:

    Q for you… do you think passing such a law will effectively discriminate against a particular group? Will this result in less blacks voting as compared to the overall effect? If the answer is yes, then this should be of some concern…

  2. inkslwc Says:

    Yes I think it will result in less blacks voting – however, I think that the blacks that will not be voting will be blacks who are illegally voting.

    Question for you – if the blacks are legal voters – what is there to fear? How would this harm them? In other words, you only plead the 5th if you’re guilty.

  3. mycowardice Says:

    That’s too easy for a conclusion. Laws can be roadblocks to legal actions.

    Imagine we have a law that says that a voting place cannot be more than 5 miles away from someone’s house but that for cost savings we decide to extend that to 50 miles. Will everybody will have the same problem? No… some will not care cause they have a car and flexible jobs. Some will be greatly impacted cause they rely on public transit and have two jobs. etc.

    So here I think the question is, will the imposition of an ID reduce the amount of *legal* voting that takes place and will it impact one group more than another? If the answer is yes, then we should be concerned. Now at the end of the day, maybe this will prevent 100 legal people from voting while preventing 1 million illegal votes. If thats the case, then definitely the plus offset the minuses. That question needs to be answered for this particular problem.

    As for pleading the 5th, I don’t think you do it only if you are guilty. Monica Goodling recently did that and she wasn’t guilty of anything – yet 🙂

  4. AR Says:

    It is misleading and inaccurate to center this argument around the african-american population – there are many peolpe in all cultures and social circles that abuse the voting system in Detroit and the surrounding metro areas.

  5. James Says:

    I generally do not believe in much voter fraud. Usually I believe most voter fraud is just an excuse on why someone doesn’t win an election.

    But I must say I do support Voter ID laws, so we have real people voting. I would definately give a two year period to make sure everyone obtains them though.. (that may be generous, but I always try to be fair)…

    I wonder how people with no ID’s , reguardless if they have a car or not, live.. lol

  6. inkslwc Says:

    AR – I know that there is voter fraud and corruption from many races (the Taylor Ordinance Officer and the School board are mostly white – and those are some of hte most corrupt people I’ve met.) And as I’ve said before – I don’t have a problem with blacks – I supported Alan Keys in 2000.

    I just find it interesting that the NAACP is fighting this so hard – as if they have a lot to lose here – and they really don’t. If you’re a legal voter, it’s free and easy to get an ID – so what’s the problem.

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