Illegal Immigrants Getting Free Health Care – On National News

OK – so this is how stupid illegal immigrants from Mexico are – as well as the media.  It’s 3:45 – my parents are gone for the weekend, so I’m listening to the online Detroit police scanner and staying up debating online – what a little REBEL – right now, the rerun of last nights ABC Nightly News (or whatever it’s called) is on.

They have a story about the little illegal immigrant from Mexico (I am part Mexican – descendant of an illegal – so DON’T play the race card) who has asthma – but he can’t go to a hospital, because he’ll be sent back – so he goes to a clinic.  They’re showing this kid and his illegal mom on TV!  Border patrol needs to get their little butts over to San Francisco (where he lives) and deport him and his mom!

It’s sad that the illegals are taking over our country – and now almost bragging – saying – “deport me if you can.”

Done Ranting,

Ranting Republican


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