Compulsory Pressing of Domestic Violence Charges?

OK – so a local news poll asked the question: If a person calls the cops for a Domestic Violence dispute and doesn’t press charges, should they get fined?  60-some percent said yes and 30-some said no.

And I thought – that’s actually a good idea once you get over the shock of the weird question.

I mean – yeah you’re punishing the “victim” – but they don’t claim themselves as a true victim.

Look at it this way – the cops wasted their time, and they may have to come back again, putting their life in danger, and wasting their time, endangering others who need help.

So I say – you press charges, or get a fine for calling the cops.

I came up this idea after Katrina: if you don’t leave when it’s a mandatory evacuation, either:

1) You don’t get rescued.

2) You pay $$$$$$$ if you have to be rescued.

But whatever – so I want your comments – should charges have to be pressed for all D.V. police calls???  If we could get a police officer to input on this – I’d really like that.

Done “ranting (I guess???)”

Ranting Republican


4 Responses to “Compulsory Pressing of Domestic Violence Charges?”

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  2. inkslwc Says:

    Here’s a link of someone who posted a comment as a blog post on their blog (and my response to their post clarifying that I did not mean to say that the charges had to be filed on the spot – but could be filed later):

  3. AnferTuto Says:

    Hola faretaste

  4. inkslwc Says:

    And that means???

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