Trial Lawyers: “HELP US!”

OK – I just watched TV and saw a commercial put out by Satan Geoffrey Fieger.  He says, “Trial lawyers need help – they’re trying to get rid of us.”  (Well – heck yeah – but let’s continue).  They tried to get rid of John Edwards and they’re trying to get rid of me.  (Um…no Edwards quit to go run for VP and lost – they just didn’t elect him – kinda like when you ran for Governor).  Help trial lawyers who are helping you (you mean when they get 99% of your 500 billion dollar lawsuit???).

*Posts his office phone number and e-mail.*

**Dispatches ambulance chasers to go out and get him rich.**

Come on!!!  In Texas you can’t even advertise for that – and this is getting ridiculous – you can’t sue for everything!  Mistakes happen – get over it!

But I’ve gotta say – I like Edwards more than Fieger – at least I can stand him.

Done Ranting,

Ranting Republican

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