Scooter Libby: Yes he’s guilty!

Alright – I’m going to differ from most Republicans here – he’s 100% guilty.

 Now – so are a LOT of people who testified at his trial against him though – so it’s only fair that he gets pardoned – or they get punished.

But in order for me to say “Clinton should’ve been removed” – I have to say that Libby should go to jail!  Now whether or not he gets pardoned is Bush’s call – but for now – he needs to go to jail.  He committed a crime – and has to pay for it.

Republican Not-so-Ranting (for today).


One Response to “Scooter Libby: Yes he’s guilty!”

  1. MS Rotterdam Says:

    Bedankt voor deze post. Ik heb het met aandacht gelezen 🙂

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