Democrats – the New French/UN

So, now we’re on to Pointless Resolution #2: “A.G. Gonzales was a BAD boy – let’s smack his hand to teach him a lesson.”

They wasted a WHOLE DAY trying to pass a resolution that does nothing!  What the heck is with these non-binding resolutions?  If they really wanted to do something, they’d try to pass an Amendment that says that they can kick cabinet members out (which would be just as pointless and would never pass – but I’d at least be happy that they’re active).

What the heck do we pay these guys for?  They’re going around like France and the UN, “stop that – don’t do that – Mommy doesn’t like it when you hit her with a baseball bat on the head.”  No – you grab the kid and get out your paddle.

Now – I’m not saying Gonzales is innocent or guilty – I’m just fed up with our Senate wasting it’s time writing an important essay!

Done Ranting (probably not for long),

The Ranting Republican


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