Iraq – We’ve Gotta Improve

So – how does the world’s best military let some Turks slip into Iraq?

 This is one point where I side with an anti-Iraq person: Chuck Hagel.

Move U.S. troops to the border and let the Iraqis difuse the civil unrest.  WE could’ve stopped this at the border – and the Iraqis understand each other enough so that they can settle the fight.

If two teens are arguing – who can settle it better?  Another teen ar an adult?  Another Teen – the adult can “supervise” and keep others from being drawn in.

Put our troops to the borders – the sooner we do this, the sooner we’ll be home!


2 Responses to “Iraq – We’ve Gotta Improve”

  1. Sadettin Says:

    I really wonder what do you think about the terrorist attacks to Turkey.
    If there is a war against terrorism, and USA is leading it, isn’t it strange trying to stop Turkish efforts to stop terrorism on Turkey.

    – As I know Turkey and USA are both in Nato.
    – As I know USA accepts that PKK is a terrorist organisation.
    – As I know (and as everybody knows) PKK is located in North Iraq.
    – As I know it is Turkey who gives 80% of all reinforcements, supplies to USA army in Iraq.
    – As I know Incirlik Air Base is in Turkey and it is US army’s main airforce base in this region. And without this base USA will have no air superiority in Iraq.
    – As you claim “world’s best military” USA army, is the only power in Iraq.

    So when Turkey asks USA to drive avay PKK camps in Iraq, or let Turkey to do his job by his own. What is the answer?
    USA says ” We do not care about you whether you are our ally.”
    Let me ask you something else; Why should we care about the USA?

  2. inkslwc Says:

    So are you from Turkey (that’s what you seemed to imply in the last paragraph – but I wasn’t sure)?

    And it’s not whether or not they’re our ally – it’s a bad idea to let “3rd party” conflicts just spill back into Iraq. Had we have been at the border – we could’ve pinned the Guerrillas between our and Turkish forces – point is – what we’re doing now is mainly pointless.

    I never intended ANYTHING in my post to be anti-Turkish – so please don’t misunderstand that.

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