I HATE Media Hogs (Pun Intended)

OK – so that Hogzilla story we’ve heard about – turns out that the picture wasn’t altered – the kid just lied about where he shot it.  No he didn’t find it roaming wild – and it wasn’t a wild hog.  It was in a privately owned 150 acre FENCED in area – so he always knew that he’d be able to find it – it was just a matter of when he wanted to go kill it.  Now I have no problem with hunting – I just think the kid would’ve done better if he’d have taken it to a state fair – now he looks like a lying bratt to the world!  And people have said “Oh you’re squashing his fun” – yeah, well, he squashed the truth – so he deserves it.

 Oh – and for the media – you couldn’t have figured this out w/o the original owner of the pig coming to you?  Where’s the investigation side of the media now?

That’s all for now,

Republican Ranting


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