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Illegal Immigrants Getting Free Health Care – On National News

June 25, 2007

OK – so this is how stupid illegal immigrants from Mexico are – as well as the media.  It’s 3:45 – my parents are gone for the weekend, so I’m listening to the online Detroit police scanner and staying up debating online – what a little REBEL – right now, the rerun of last nights ABC Nightly News (or whatever it’s called) is on.

They have a story about the little illegal immigrant from Mexico (I am part Mexican – descendant of an illegal – so DON’T play the race card) who has asthma – but he can’t go to a hospital, because he’ll be sent back – so he goes to a clinic.  They’re showing this kid and his illegal mom on TV!  Border patrol needs to get their little butts over to San Francisco (where he lives) and deport him and his mom!

It’s sad that the illegals are taking over our country – and now almost bragging – saying – “deport me if you can.”

Done Ranting,

Ranting Republican

No Myspace for Sex Offenders!

June 23, 2007

 This is a relief!  I’m gonna list some user names for you here: pimpin_in_the_trans_am (Jonathan Sippo), dragonstalkor (Randy Phillips), teddybear7378 (Michael Sopha), felonious_thoughts (Christopher Nelson), isellcracktomidgets (Charles Bauman), hotlansingguy06 (Rob Smith), pimpd1978 (Demitar Marich), barfightin (Matt Davidson), tall_dark_and_handsome45 (Ron Quist).

Now, here’s some stuff from the Attorney General’s Office (,1607,7-164-34739-170808–,00.html):

41473077 Jim Welch

jw27 Jim Welch

155978839 John Dibble

156892492 John Dibble

157372084 John Dibble

hotlansingguy06 Rob Smith

106756827 Rob Smith

the_lean_machine_2006 John Carpentier

im_rick_james_b*tch_2006 John Carpentier 

Are these really names that are appropriate for SEX OFFENDERS!!!  And some of these people had multiple user names!

Honestly – these people should not only be cut off from Myspace, but the internet as well.  Then maybe we should cut something else off, so they CAN’T hurt anybody else.

 Now I know – I’m gonna get the “sex offender list is very liberal in definition and it’s easy to get on there even if you’re innocent.”  Yeah – well with a name like dragonstalkor it’s not showing very much innocence.

Done Ranting,

Ranting Republican

Bloomberg: He IS Running!

June 22, 2007

OK – this little scenario isn’t entirely my own, but still:

He runs but loses, fulfilling his promise to carry out his Mayoral term.  Doing this – he wins ME and some other states, leaving both parties under 270 EV’s.  The election goes to the House of Reps and the Dems. win.

 Well – what do you think?  It could be the successful Ross Perot – the end of bipartisan elections!  This could make history.

Or it could turn out like every other (modern) election and all states go either Red or Blue, no green

Compulsory Pressing of Domestic Violence Charges?

June 20, 2007

OK – so a local news poll asked the question: If a person calls the cops for a Domestic Violence dispute and doesn’t press charges, should they get fined?  60-some percent said yes and 30-some said no.

And I thought – that’s actually a good idea once you get over the shock of the weird question.

I mean – yeah you’re punishing the “victim” – but they don’t claim themselves as a true victim.

Look at it this way – the cops wasted their time, and they may have to come back again, putting their life in danger, and wasting their time, endangering others who need help.

So I say – you press charges, or get a fine for calling the cops.

I came up this idea after Katrina: if you don’t leave when it’s a mandatory evacuation, either:

1) You don’t get rescued.

2) You pay $$$$$$$ if you have to be rescued.

But whatever – so I want your comments – should charges have to be pressed for all D.V. police calls???  If we could get a police officer to input on this – I’d really like that.

Done “ranting (I guess???)”

Ranting Republican

Trial Lawyers: “HELP US!”

June 16, 2007

OK – I just watched TV and saw a commercial put out by Satan Geoffrey Fieger.  He says, “Trial lawyers need help – they’re trying to get rid of us.”  (Well – heck yeah – but let’s continue).  They tried to get rid of John Edwards and they’re trying to get rid of me.  (Um…no Edwards quit to go run for VP and lost – they just didn’t elect him – kinda like when you ran for Governor).  Help trial lawyers who are helping you (you mean when they get 99% of your 500 billion dollar lawsuit???).

*Posts his office phone number and e-mail.*

**Dispatches ambulance chasers to go out and get him rich.**

Come on!!!  In Texas you can’t even advertise for that – and this is getting ridiculous – you can’t sue for everything!  Mistakes happen – get over it!

But I’ve gotta say – I like Edwards more than Fieger – at least I can stand him.

Done Ranting,

Ranting Republican

Scooter Libby: Yes he’s guilty!

June 16, 2007

Alright – I’m going to differ from most Republicans here – he’s 100% guilty.

 Now – so are a LOT of people who testified at his trial against him though – so it’s only fair that he gets pardoned – or they get punished.

But in order for me to say “Clinton should’ve been removed” – I have to say that Libby should go to jail!  Now whether or not he gets pardoned is Bush’s call – but for now – he needs to go to jail.  He committed a crime – and has to pay for it.

Republican Not-so-Ranting (for today).

Democrats – the New French/UN

June 13, 2007

So, now we’re on to Pointless Resolution #2: “A.G. Gonzales was a BAD boy – let’s smack his hand to teach him a lesson.”

They wasted a WHOLE DAY trying to pass a resolution that does nothing!  What the heck is with these non-binding resolutions?  If they really wanted to do something, they’d try to pass an Amendment that says that they can kick cabinet members out (which would be just as pointless and would never pass – but I’d at least be happy that they’re active).

What the heck do we pay these guys for?  They’re going around like France and the UN, “stop that – don’t do that – Mommy doesn’t like it when you hit her with a baseball bat on the head.”  No – you grab the kid and get out your paddle.

Now – I’m not saying Gonzales is innocent or guilty – I’m just fed up with our Senate wasting it’s time writing an important essay!

Done Ranting (probably not for long),

The Ranting Republican

Iraq – We’ve Gotta Improve

June 6, 2007

So – how does the world’s best military let some Turks slip into Iraq?

 This is one point where I side with an anti-Iraq person: Chuck Hagel.

Move U.S. troops to the border and let the Iraqis difuse the civil unrest.  WE could’ve stopped this at the border – and the Iraqis understand each other enough so that they can settle the fight.

If two teens are arguing – who can settle it better?  Another teen ar an adult?  Another Teen – the adult can “supervise” and keep others from being drawn in.

Put our troops to the borders – the sooner we do this, the sooner we’ll be home!

Russia vs. U.S.

June 5, 2007

OK – so now Russia is threatening to point missiles at Europe if we put some in Europe.  Let’s think about this here – who was a little distrustful during the 1980s?  Russia (S.U. – but mainly the same thing).  Who killed 12 million of their own people?  Russia.

Who won the Cold War?  U.S.  Who get’s to boss the other around?  The loser or the winner? – the WINNER – that’s US!

If Russia does this – it will only lead to an inevitable war – which won’t go as nicely as the Cold War.

Done ranting (and warning),

Ranting Republican.

I HATE Media Hogs (Pun Intended)

June 5, 2007

OK – so that Hogzilla story we’ve heard about – turns out that the picture wasn’t altered – the kid just lied about where he shot it.  No he didn’t find it roaming wild – and it wasn’t a wild hog.  It was in a privately owned 150 acre FENCED in area – so he always knew that he’d be able to find it – it was just a matter of when he wanted to go kill it.  Now I have no problem with hunting – I just think the kid would’ve done better if he’d have taken it to a state fair – now he looks like a lying bratt to the world!  And people have said “Oh you’re squashing his fun” – yeah, well, he squashed the truth – so he deserves it.

 Oh – and for the media – you couldn’t have figured this out w/o the original owner of the pig coming to you?  Where’s the investigation side of the media now?

That’s all for now,

Republican Ranting

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